Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Sunday was Blessed

Yesterday was special.
Our service was unique and wonderful.

It opened with a couple of people from
the congregation sharing from their hearts.
One, a mom, whose 20-something daughter
is on the mission field
and desiring to continue in a very dangerous
situation.  An email from the daughter was read
and it was impressive in its statements of faith
and passion for the work she is doing.
Understandably the parents would love
to see their daughter back home safe and 
sound but are seeking God's will in 
giving their advice.

Secondly, a 16 year old young man
got up to share a message that was 
bubbling up out of his heart.
A message of a discovery.
He is studying excellence.
His study has led him to the conclusion
that all who have excelled in their lives
were immersed in the Word of God.
Whether they actually had relationships 
with the Lord, or not, he is not making
a judgement...but they all knew and quoted
the Bible.
He has challenged our congregation to a 
deeper study of the Word.

So, make that two young people who have 
challenged my faith so one day.

Then there is Chelsea,
who totally has me beat in the category
of daily devotions.

Add to this the fact that most weeks that 
we have fellowship meals there is a 
teen led Bible study....
instigated and carried out by them.

Shaking my head at the work of God
in the hearts of the youth!
The wisdom and faith displayed.
Gotta love it!!

Pastor Mike preached a wonderful 
sermon about Jonah.
Now this was the beginning of a short
series of sermons from this book.
Should be really good, if yesterday's 
was any indication.

Our friends at Creekside Cottage invited
us back to their place for a special 
meal of Mafe.
Mafe is a dish that originates in Senegal.
It is chicken, rice, peanut butter and curry.
Very different than I am used to 
but it was fun to try it.
I happen to love rice and chicken...
the peanut butter 
was an interesting 

It was such a blessing to get to sit 
and chat with my dear friends
Deanna and Kelly.

We live such busy lives during the 
week that taking a day to rest
and visit is truly a gift.
So glad God thought of it!

So often when we were kids 
it was easy to look at the 
"rules" given in the Bible 
and think that they were harsh
and unnecessary.
But age, experience and time has
taught me that when God tells us 
to do something a certain way it is because
it is good for us.
We benefit every time.

Such a wonderful realization 
to come to.


Mrs.Rabe said...

It was a great day yesterday!

Mafe is good - but I wouldn't eat it everyday...and I would add more curry! :)

I loved yesterday too - such a blessing!


Persuaded said...

I wanna go to Deanna's for peanut butter and chicken! *stamps foot* ;-)

I have recently been more convicted about making the Sabbath truly a day of rest and relaxation. I've started counting the Sabbath as from sunset on Saturday to sunset on Sunday (approximately.) Ideally i'd like to use Saturday to get everything ready for Sunday..have a nice meal for the family on Saturday evening, Sunday morning services with a crockpot meal (or maybe even *gasp* leftovers) for Sunday dinner... a nap or quiet visiting in the afternoon and then sunday evening to begin the week by prepping for Monday morning. That's what I'd like and what I'm working for, but I'm not there yet!
Your church family sounds so warm and welcoming:)

Melissa G. said...

yum! I love Mafe!

I'm glad you're feeling better than last week and able to join in all the fun.

Vee said...

Interesting things to ponder and I believe the wisdom of the words given. (We also have friends with a son and daughter-in-law on the mission field in a very dangerous area. It's a challenge to even think that they are called to be there, but that's my humble and not so godly opinion.)

SmilingSally said...

I had a good worship time yesterday too. We're fortunate to have found a super good Sunday School class and a wonderful church.

Have a good week, Becky.

ZudaGay said...

It is wonderful to spend the day with your spiritual family. Young people who are into the Word are so amazing. They have that fresh enthusiasm that I often lack and so need.

Susy said...

My church, too, puts a lot of emphasis on training up the next generation, so that they're ready when it's their time to lead. You're doing a good job at home too (:

Pamela said...

I love keeping the Sabbath day holy. Focusing on worship, on family and friends. Our day was beautiful, too. It makes it easier to face another week when we "keep first things first."


jAne said...

worship and fellowship.
is there anything better? :o)

Elena said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! It is always encouraing to hear about beleivers loving and encouraging one another.

Vickie said...

Wonderful Sunday blessings! Don't our young Christians have such a zeal that sometimes we older ones lack! May the Lord bless their efforts as they grow! We try to make Sundays a day of rest, too, and sometimes it seems nearly impossible!

Doncha just wanna whack yourself in the middle of the forehead when you do something the way YOU wanted to do it and not the way God intended - and it turns out to be WRONG! I sure do. My forehead has bruises!

Theresa said...

I love hearing about young folks living their lives for the Lord! You are truly fortunate to be a part of their lives! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Nezzy said...

Our youth never ceases to amaze me. The age range in my Kid's Church ranges from Kindergarten to sixth grad and they challenge my heart each and every week.

God bless and have a fantastic week!!! :o)