Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last Night's Open House...

Now that was a treat!
My friend, Angel, made it worth the 
two hour drive!
She had more than 20 people come through
in our four hour time frame.
This meant that we only had about five
minutes when no one was there.
Pretty amazing!!

I was proud of myself for hanging in 
there with all of the big semi's on Interstate 81.
Talk about a small fish in a big sea!!
Chelsea's little Mazda Protege is itty 
bitty next to those big boys!

I'm also pretty happy to have ended up back
in Lancaster on my first try
rather than Allentown or some other 
distant place that those roads
also go to.

Being pretty much a homebody I don't usually
wander too far without Warren.
But this was fun and having Chelsea 
along was great.
She loves to go, go, go!!

I have to say that this is one good thing
about our trips to Hershey over this past year.
I was totally comfortable getting that far.

Back to the Open House...
I wish you could have seen all of the 
adorable toddlers and kids that came along.
So precious.

I accidentally left my camera there last night
so I can't show you the pictures.

Well, I have orders to fill and boxes to 
unpack so I'd better get to work!

I'm also hoping to get outside for a while today.
Just unpacking the car this morning
was very pleasant.  
The smell of Fall is in the air.


Vee said...

Oh if it is as lovely there as here, you must get outside and soak up some sun.

I'm so glad that last night went so well and that you arrived home without incident.

Theresa said...

Oh what fun! I bet it smelled heavenly in there:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Elena said...

That's awesome to hear your open house went well! We have a Mazda Protege too. I hope Chelsea has the same experience that we have had with ours. We have had it since 1999 and only on major repair. It has been such a great car, easy on gas and great to run around town in!

Ronda said...

So glad things went so well and it sounds like the ride with Chelsea was good too. Getting out every now and then can be fabulous! Glad you had a good time...hope u get your camera back soon so we can see some pics.

Have a peachy keen day!
Love & Prayers

Buttercup said...

Glad that you had a good evening. So excited about getting my treasures. Definitely will be keeping one -- or two!