Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Miss You!

I am well.
I am busy.
I miss You!

There is so much going on that 
I rarely get to bed before 1:00am.
We added three more fundraising groups
this week.  The first round of the first 
group's orders are due to be delivered on 
Monday so I am surrounded completely
by candles in boxes and bags here.

Thankfully the rest of the family has plans
for the day that are outside of the house.
Mikey and Chelsea are working....
Warren and Jonathan are off to a 
Father/Son church event.

So....I can work!

Yesterday I started writing a post 
about Chelsea because she is just too 
and then the phone rang with that 
last fund raiser and I could get them
started right then so the post 
got dropped.

For the sake of adding photos to 
this post and for expressing the 
sentiments I wanted to I'll close
this post with the photos I was going 
to share yesterday.

Chelsea and her friend, Emma just being silly.

She's a very good artist!

So pretty.

She disappears with the camera looking for creative shots.

My girl is a great person to hang 
around with.
She has a great sense of humor,
much compassion
is so wise.

I love her.

Thanks for bearing with me during these
interesting times in my world.
I'll be back more regularly as soon as
possible, because you are all a huge
part of my life.


Vee said...

You may have to hire someone to help out if this keeps up! You sound so very busy!! Chelsea is a cutie patootie and I think I've been calling Emma "Emily." Oh dear.

Buttercup said...

Adorable photos of Chelsea. Will keep you in my prayers at this busy, busy time!

Persuaded said...

You're right! She is a key-oo-tee-pie!

(takes after her mama;-})

Mrs.Rabe said...

You are one busy gal!

That photo of the girls is so cute!


Theresa said...

I miss you too sweet friend! Your daughter is mighty cute and talented:) Don't work too hard and I'll be right here when you get UN-busy! HUGS!