Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Was Hungry For It

The "it" I was hungry for was 
something I've never 
seen anywhere 
or had in my life.
I wasn't even sure if "it" was 
possible but I 
determined to give it 
a try.

First I made chicken.
Just cooked it off on the top of 
my stove in my new and 

Warren is so relieved that I 
am still smitten.
It was not a phase.

first the chicken.
Then I mixed up a light
bread dough.
I love to make bread.
And I'm actually good at it.

I stuffed the bread dough,
in individual sized portions,
as you would a pasty or stromboli.

My stuffing ingredients were:
Cubed chicken breast
Farmers Cheese
Sliced ham luncheon meat
Cream cheese
Grated Romano Cheese
Onion (for Warren and Myself)
Ranch Dressing

Baked it.....
and Yummo!

Absolutely Delicious!!

Next time I make it 
I think I will add a dipping 
sauce that has just a bit of kick 
to it.  
That will take it from delicious to 


Persuaded said...

Oh man girl.. that does sound good!

btw, I linked to you today:)

Anonymous said...

That recipe sounds delicious. Have you ever had a Hot Pocket? Your recipe sounds reminiscent of a Hot Pocket.

*~Niki~* said...

That sounds really yummy! Blessings Niki x

Mrs.Rabe said...

How could you go wrong with that?! Sounds very yummy, indeed!


Vee said...

Oh yum! That does sound good...a little like Chicken Cordon Bleu maybe. Say, when you perfect the recipe...

Baking today or is it Chelsea's task?

Sue Runyon said...

Oh, Becky, that sounds so good!

Theresa said...

Yummilicious! Way to go GIRL! Sounds like it was sooooo good! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

krafterskorner said...


Tisha said...

Sounds wonderful!

sammysgrammy said...

Now all you need to do it to think up a scrumptious name for this invention........

ZudaGay said...

oooo, sounds yummy!!!

myeuropeantouch said...

Oh man, thats so yummy....I am coming over...LOL

Buttercup said...

Oh, Becky, this sounds so good! Wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving!

P.S. Loving the candles. Gave one to a dear colleague. Couldn't not share.

Valerie Weller said...

mmm... yummy and creative! best to you!

blessedmom's simple home said...

Wow, it sounds delicious! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Becky :)