Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And We said Goodbye

Our tiny Tidbit had shrunk to nothing over the past two weeks.  I was determined that this was going to be the one animal that would pass in her sleep and we would wake up to find her that way, rather than taking her to the vet to end her life.  It just felt too hard to go through that again so soon after Chloe.  But....alas....the poor thing became obviously distressed and I couldn't handle it.  Nor should I, really, when there is another option.

So, I made that call yesterday morning.   Told them that I needed to bring her in.  Our vet's office is great.  They have been through this with us enough to know that we know what we are doing.  I chose not to stay this time.  I wanted to remember her alive.  With the dogs I've always wanted to be there.  With the cats it is different.  And so I sad goodbye through the tears, carried her crate back to the car only slightly lighter than it had been on the way in, and headed out for a very busy day.

Tidbit was a really great cat.  Of course she had her things that made me crazy.  Like persistent meowing.  She was always talking!!  And she repeated herself a lot.  Ha!

Lately she had taken to peeing all over the basement.  That makes us super crazy!!  Especially because it sets off Jonathan's asthma.  He had a close call one day last week where he nearly couldn't get to his medicine in time.  So...that made her a bigger problem.

But overall she was a sweetheart.  A cuddler with a huge purr.  She was always at my side.  As close as she could get without being on top of me.  Funny thing, last evening Oliver took up her spot at my side.  He doesn't do that.  He is more of a climb on top of you kitty.  But he was on the couch to my left kind of awkwardly in that space.  It felt kind of intentional.  As if he knew......

Tidbit was the last kitten from her litter to be chosen.  We think because she had that split face.  Yellow on one side and black on the other.  She was our transition kitty because just a few days after we chose her we began the move to Lancaster County.  She came along for our first weekend here.

In any case.....we don't have any plans to replace the cats as they pass on.  We are ready to just be a doggy household when Oliver's time comes.  Ollie has neighbor kitty friends so he won't be like Bandit was after Chloe.  Besides cats are fine to be on their own.  Not the pack animals that dogs are.
So...we are down to one kitty and we are good with that.

Other than missing my buddy, that is.


Vee said...

Always sad to say goodbye to a dear companion you have known so long. I think a home is not a home without a cat, but I have been in no rush to "replace" Fioré and, please God, no dogs either! Sounds as if you are in as good a place as possible with Tidbit's loss. You will miss her, but it was time...

JD/ Jill said...

So sorry, Becky. I know how they become members of your family...God Bless, Jill

Theresa said...

Sad face here:( SO sorry! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way this morning!