Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Special Grandma Moment

Yesterday I was blessed to be able to go with Chelsea for her ultrasound to check on Baby Pham.  We were hoping that it would be possible to find out if it was a boy or a girl.  At first it seemed that the baby was going to be like our Mikey was.  We had to wait until he was born to know his in the olden days.  Ha!  I know, many still choose to wait and see and that's all good.  But we wanted to know....

At first peek the ultrasound technician told us she leaned toward it being a girl but that she would come back after a bit and see if the baby had moved at all.  And it is a very good thing she did come back to look again because our coming grandbaby is definitely a BOY!

Since Chadd wasn't able to go to the appointment Chelsea and I headed to the mall to find a fun way to share the news that evening.  On a whim we went to Build a Bear.  We made a cute boy puppy, dressed in clothes that reminded us of Chadd's wardrobe.  Last evening Chelsea and Chadd posted this picture as their announcement on Facebook.

I think Chadd is a little bit excited. 
He's going to be the BEST daddy.

We also went and found some newborn baby boy clothes
and shoes....
because we could.

I love this process and feel extra blessed to have been 
included on this day.

We are looking forward to meeting Baby Boy Pham
this summer after he puts on about 7 more pounds.


Doris said...

So exciting, congratulation to all of you!!

LV said...

May they be blessed with a fine, healthy young man.

Sherry said...

this is indeed exciting !!!!!

Deanna Rabe said...

So much fun!

Vee said...

Awwww...wonderful! Fun way to announce the excitement, too.

Sheila Fisher said...

Congratulations! Being a grandma is so special!

Linda Gross said...

Congratulations! A boy it is. I, too, felt so happy when my stepdaughter invited me to join her on a doctor's appointment that included an ultrasound. It was extra special for me, as I had never had the occasion to see a baby that way.