Thursday, February 2, 2017

Work on the Shop Is at A Fever Pitch

Well, it turns out it takes a LOT to fill a retail space.
I know that my shop owner friends are laughing right now.
They could have told me that.
This photo was taken a few days ago for one of those
shop owner friends who was dying to see it.
She had just sold us some fixtures from her 
amazing shop in Lititz.

In this photo we are just getting started.

The first time Chelsea, Mom and I went to a local wholesale
warehouse we tentatively and very cautiously chose things
for the shop.
Then we came back and worked on the shop, 
placed much of what we have out for display and realized that 
we were woefully short on items.
Now, we know that our artisan products haven't arrived yet
and I have many plant related and candle items to 
prepare and put out but even so we had not come close
to our vision of what this space should look like.

We knew that new merchandise had just come in to the warehouse
so we returned.  We laughed at the change in our attitudes as we 
joyfully put things in the cart.
Lots and lots of things.

Chelsea made up this display today.
Doesn't it look sharp?

I love this piece!

 These are so soft and nice.

Finally today, I got a touch of lace onto the windows.

Oooh look! 
You can see Tiffany's shop across the way.
We are now shop neighbors.
And we don't compete with each other so feel one hundred percent
happy to visit her when you visit us. 
In fact, we are working hard to bring things to Strasburg that aren't 
currently here.  No need to reinvent the wheel or make enemies. 

We want every detail to have been thought of....
We'll see how successful we are.

I really like these too.

There is so much fun happening at the shop!!
From super great artisans agreeing to come in with us to
getting our EIN today which keeps us on schedule for now.
For those who don't know what an EIN is, it is our legal
identity with the Federal and State governments.  
We registered as an L.L.C.
Better safe than sorry.

Now we hope for a successful meeting
with the fine historical board of Strasburg
as they review our sign and then vote 
a week later on whether it passes muster.
Here's hoping!
I think it is sweet and meets their requirements.
As long as we aren't missing something.

The neighbors are awesome!
We are enjoying the process of getting to 
know them!

It feels like I've shown you everything...
but I promise you I haven't.
We have more goodness coming in tomorrow by way of 
Mrs. Robinson's Tea.
When we decided to open the shop Chelsea and I knew we 
wanted to carry this loose tea.
You may remember that we love to go to Mrs. Robinson's shop
in Kennett Square.
Lo and behold Mrs. Robinson was very interested in having
her delicious teas in Pebbles & Lace.

There is another artist coming that makes me squeal with
delight but I'm not telling you who it is yet. 
That is for another post.

My brother has shipped the mushroom art piece.
Can't wait to get it and take it in to the space
we reserved for it. is going to be amazing.'m exhausted.
But it's a good kind of tired.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
We feel so blessed.

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Doris said...

This is so exciting. Love the space and displays.....I will make the trip to Strasburg when you are open. It's all so beautiful!