Thursday, February 16, 2017

Opening Day!

I can't even say that Opening Day "finally" arrived.  It all happened so fast.  But I can tell you that it was oodles of fun!  With only two people shopping that didn't know us it was more like a private shopping experience with our friends.

This was as we planned it.  A quiet Wednesday with a steady pace of people who understood that we were learning our register system and how to answer their questions.  By Friday and Saturday we will cater also to the tourists who will be in town but this was just the most perfect way to start.

I did get the biggest kick out of something that happened before we opened yesterday morning.  I had decided to turn what was supposed to be our temporary sign into a wall hanging behind the register.  When the temporary banner had come it was so huge and the print on it so ugly that we agreed we wouldn't use it as intended.  But the logo was the size I wanted for our wall.  So, I was up on a step ladder adding lace and pebbles to the burlap frame when I heard voices.  They were happy, laughing women's voices.  I looked to the window and there were three ladies just having the best time oohing and ahhhing over the things they could see.  I began to wave my hot glued fingers at them and after a bit they saw me.  So, I went to the door and asked if they would like a preview....they would.  And so, telling me that they were the welcoming committee and that they walk each morning enjoying the shop windows they came in and we had a ball.  I am overjoyed by the warm welcome we have received by our new Strasburg neighbors.  All of them.

Now to tell my most embarrassing story.  Mom had mentioned that a fern would look great in the corner behind the register to cover some pipes that are exposed there.  I completely agreed and went to get one.  Once at the greenhouse I found beautiful ferns.  All at the same price.  That was the problem....a huge fern was the same price as a smaller, thinner one.  I went huge!!  Well, I went so huge that there was no way this monster was fitting in the space we planned to put it in.  So, we decided that it would go outside with balloons on it to get the attention of those who were looking for us.  That was fine until the wind kicked up in the afternoon and then those balloons whipped and bobbed until finally the entire fern fell over and the balloon strings broke.  That will teach me.  Ha!  Next time I shouldn't get caught up in getting the biggest and nicest.  I need to listen to that little voice telling me to be sensible.  Ha!  Back to the greenhouse for me!

When Cindy came into the shop with her initial batch of goodies
she noticed a row of yellow tulip vases lining the top of the shelf.
She immediately knew she would make us a tulip sign
to go with them.
I met her yesterday morning when she dropped it off.
Love her!!

We added another artisan yesterday.  She makes lamps from vintage bottles.  I'll take a photo later to share.  They are so nice!  We don't have much space left but we made room for two of the lamps.  She found the bottles in a 1700's Spring House when they bought their farm in the '70's.  With much effort Barbara Heller cleaned these bottles until they look like new, inside and out and transformed them.  For those who love a piece of history these are amazing!!  They are also just beautiful for those who don't care two figs about history.  :-)

As a mother I have to tell you how very, very proud I am of Chelsea.  She has done so very well.  Her vision for the shop has come to life.  Mom and I have added our touches, no doubt, but as Chelsea said yesterday, she is pleased with the overall feel.  It works.  It has been hard for our girl because she is so quiet.  Retail and quiet aren't exactly best of friends.  It has sometimes held her back at her jobs.  But we make a great team.  She gets to shine in her element of shopping the right items and then displaying them to their fullest potential.  She has the experience of dealing with customers as it is what she has done for the past six years.  And she will have the flexibility of caring for the wee one after it arrives. Seeing Chelsea's eyes shine yesterday, and hearing her interact with so many friend/customers made me super happy.  I think we have found her happy place.  And I'm fine with being the mouth of the group.  Even if I do come home and cringe when I remember how excited and expressive I was at points yesterday.  Perhaps the M&M's Warren gave me for Valentine's Day are partly responsible. Could be.......

This is us the day before we opened.

Mom got a custom apron order already.  And bless her heart, she remembered the perfect feed sack to make it from.  One eight year old grandson who has discovered a passion for cooking is going to get an adorable puppy dog apron for his birthday next month.  I was so happy!  This is what we hoped would happen when people saw the inspiration aprons.  Didn't think about it being for a boy, but why not?  And with the fabric choices it is just perfect.

I have to get going and get candle orders prepared for shipping and then shower and head back to the shop for day two.  This is also co-op day so I'll leave for the afternoon to sing with "my" kiddos.  Doesn't that just sound like the most perfect day??  I wouldn't want to tear myself away for anything less but singing with them is just the right distraction.

This is my beautiful friend, Tiffany, who accompanies the choirs for me at Co-op.  She brought her four perfectly behaved children into the shop yesterday and got these earrings.  Apparently they had caught her eye when I posted them on Facebook and now they are hers!  How cool is that?  I'm stealing her picture from her Facebook post.  Hopefully she won't use that against me in class today.

Headed out soon!  Have a blessed day!!


Vee said...

sounds great...keep having fun...sell, sell, sell...

Sherry said...

so so so so so happy for you ALL!!!!!

The REAL EverSewSweet said...

Becky - this sound like my kind of shop and my find of opening day! God bless your new venture!

Terra Hangen said...

What an exciting opening for your shop. You have a great sense of humor, re the giant fern, etc.

Charm and Grace said...

Wow! I am catching up and so thrilled for you about the shop. It is beautiful and you should be proud. So many hearts blending together to produce something so wonderful. I wish you every success.