Saturday, February 4, 2017

Full Day

We left the house shortly after nine this morning.  On the way we stopped by some neighbors to check out a ladder we needed for one of our shop displays.  Fortunately the ladder they offered was exactly what we were looking for!  And they gifted it to us.  Sweet!!  We really know great people!

Then we got to the shop where the work for the day commenced.  You see, Warren is very busy at work these weeks because it is the time of the year when the theater is between shows and that means he is working longer hours and has a lot on his mind.  But my precious man dedicated himself to our shop projects today.  For hours and hours.   I am so blessed.

At one point we went to Habitat for Humanity where they were having a special sale.  We had no idea this was going on but were clued in as we approached the parking lot to find cars parked everywhere, including the grass.

We went inside to look for light fixtures for the shop track lighting.  We didn't find those but we did find ....a chandelier!!  As is happening so often these days I'm finding that these things make me ridiculously happy.  So....apparently I've wanted a chandelier...but didn't know it.  Because I was thrilled, especially when it was a total of 55% off the $39 ticketed price.  Cute, cute, cute.  But there was something bothering me.   The place we needed to put it has a hanging ladder in the way.  We planned to just thread it through the ladder and Warren even wired it in but occurred to me that we could add more chain and swag it over to the front window.  Easy-peasy says Warren Keeney.  And so very soon we will have a sweet chandelier in our front shop window.

Earlier today one of our valued vendors came to the shop with her adorable little daughters.  Annie makes very, very beautiful greeting cards.  She is also a very talented photographer and gifted us this photo of our shop in process.

I got to play with the plants later today as Warren brought some from home
for me.  I've been wanting to but it has been quite cold at the shop so I've
been trying to be patient. 

Now I can put it all together.
This time it was in a large bowl.

Then in some smaller hanging terrariums.

There will be many more but I did just a few tonight.
I want to have Emily come and make sure I'm doing it right.
And it is nearly time for the plants to get their weekly soaking
so rather than have to pull them out of the terrariums in 
a couple of days I just decided to hold off on making more.
But it was still a lot of fun.

On the left in the above photo you can see some of the feed sacks we are carrying.
They add a beautiful pop of color!

The rest will go on that ladder from our neighbors. 

What I know about this shop is this...
it is a community event.
About, and by, so many dear people.

We couldn't do this without so much support.

And our vendors who include soap makers, 
artists, crafters and fellow shop owners
are helping us get up and running in what feels like record time.
We are still on track for February 15th if there are no surprises.

Tonight I'm achin'.  
This chickadee isn't used to being on her feet all day.
But it is good for me!
I think.

Mom made two aprons from the feed sacks.
I took photos of one of them.

A picture of the pocket...which she embroidered for detail.
Love it!!

Now she is whipping up some towels.

We've decided to do a minimal amount of made up product, i.e.
aprons, towels and pillows, 
so if our customers want something they will be able to either order it from 
their choice of feed sack or purchase the sack and get creative
themselves.  We know many who are good at sewing.
Perhaps one feed sack would be a great add in to a special 
quilt project someone is working on.
The options are endless.
And the designs seem to be as well.

Tomorrow we rest.
We need it.
There will be a family gathering at Chadd and Chelsea's.
We've been so busy that we haven't seen Chadd for a while
and we miss him.
It will be good to spend some time together.
Chelsea and baby seem well....although
growing a human does tend to make one extra tired.
There's a miracle happening in there.

And now I'm off to bed.
Lately I can't sleep past 4 am but that means I'm super 
tired much earlier than usual.
So...rather than continue to bounce my chin as I nod off
I think I'll just give in....and sleep.


Vee said...

Amazing to see the progress! So glad that you had Warren's help today. Looking forward to seeing the chandelier. Love the apron your mother made. Pace yourselves, Ladies...

Harold Emery said...

G'morn sweetie ~ How beautiful your shop. Love the feedsacks displaying on the (quilt) rack. Your table setting is lovely. Chandie is gorgeous in the window. Dying to visit you to see it all. Best of luck & a wee prayer.