Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Before Color Comes

I needed to take a quick trip through the countryside to Chadd and Chelsea's home
yesterday, late afternoon.
One of my favorite reasons to love their new apartment is that I get to 
traverse this quarter mile stretch through woods that feel 
so wild and free.
Trees arch over the road, green undergrowth meets low branches and
birds sing happily in the shady space.

I have been extremely busy in the candle workshop of late.
Fundraiser orders, Manufacturing orders, Retail stock
and tons of favors.
It is hopping right now.
Making moments like these even more precious.
Fresh air, the green before the colors of Autumn come and the slower paces
forced by neighbors who only go as fast as their horse trots.

Hoping that you have a space like this in your life.
Somewhere that allows you to just breathe.
When things are swirling busy, and sometimes really hard
all around you.
That you can just step away from it all for even a moment.
And feel.....His peace.


Vee said...

Loved reading the description of this special woods...ahhhhh...

Theresa said...

Beautiful time to rest as you travel this road:) Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

Sherry said...