Monday, September 26, 2016

Technology....Amazing and Infuriating....In Turns

Big week here.
It is the National Quartet Convention.
Thanks to the Booth Brother's newsletter I discovered we 
could purchase a subscription to watch the entire week
live streamed for $65.

Seemed easy enough.
But to make it easier to see it on television and not just the smaller
computer screen we ordered a Roku device.
It doesn't work.
So, poor Warren spent hours fussing with it and finally 
ended up feeding our large tv from his computer anyway.

The big tv has been hanging out in our bedroom since the flooding 
downstairs.  We are hoping to get it set back up down there "soon".
What that means is....eventually.
But for this week it is sitting in the living room beside the one we usually 
use here because it can be attached to the computer while the older one

In other news....
Chadd had to have his gall bladder removed in emergency surgery last Sunday.
Poor guy.
Because he needed one more surgery, right?
But we are looking forward to relief for him and are thankful for 
an ER doc who was thorough and discovered the problem.

I am feeling much better!
I still tire so stinkin' easy but know that each week brings
a bit more energy.
It is a constant message to myself....
"You are better than you were two weeks ago.
Be patient."

Teaching co-op has begun and it is so much fun to work 
with those energetic and super smart kiddos.
It is delightful to take music theory, which can be rather dry and boring, 
 and make it fun and interesting.
Let's just say that I hated learning it because of how it was presented....
I refuse to do that to them.
So they get it in fun snippets that I think will stick with them.
Time will tell.

We were delighted to be invited to a Hobbit's Birthday Party.
Joseph and Lindsay hosted.
They are the daughter and son-in-law of Mrs. Rabe at 
What fantastic hosts.
It was relaxed, the food was great
and the weather cooperated very nicely.
I've linked the blog name above with a more extensive
telling of the party experience.
Our host, in his "middle earth" vest and shirt.
As I mentioned before, the food was fantastic.
Turkey, ham, breads, cheeses, apples with dip, grapes and fun 
themed desserts.

Warren and I definitely loved it and enjoyed our time with friends.

Today I am off to pick up more wax, see the chiropractor,
have lunch with a friend and then return back here to get more work done
before spending an evening with music and politics.
My dual loves.
It will be tricky to make both work...but we will.
After all, you don't have a political debate like will happen tonight
every day...or every year for that matter.
No matter what my opinion of our options this year
I celebrate the history making aspects of all of it.

Chat later!
Have a great one!!


Vee said...

That party did look like a lot of fun! Your peeps really do know how to enjoy life. So good to know that recovery continues and that you are gaining ground. Yes, very good. Poor Chad! Keeping him and Chelsea in my prayers.

Carol Z said...

I'll be visiting over at Creekside to see all the party fun. Doing blog visits before I settle into the debate. Prayers for Chadd's recovery.

Theresa said...

Oh bless Chadd's heart, he has really had a bad time! I pray that he will heal quickly and completely! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!