Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Visit to the Zoo.....

Some time over the summer I got the brilliant idea that we should go 
away this Autumn.
You might remember that I wasn't feeling well, 
and probably wasn't thinking straight at that time.
Fall is my crazy busy season!!

But, we scheduled it and I am so glad!!

Even though I accepted a rush order for 30 three layer baby shower favors
at 6pm the night before we left that had me up until 2am
resulting in three hours of sleep.
I'm still glad we came.

It is so good to get away for a bit.
To recharge.
To pray about the heavy things in our lives.
To spend time with Warren and Jonathan doing everything from nothing
to going to a zoo.

Paws N Claws Wild Animal Park is pretty awesome.
Of course it is always a mixed emotion for me to see these animals in captivity....
but they seem well cared for and are going to be there whether I go to see them or not.
So....I deal with the sadness side of a visit to a zoo.

Majestic lions...two of them.

 Both of these photos are of the same lion.
There are plexiglass windows that allow you to take photos and view 
without the grid of fencing.

I think our biggest fun came from stepping into the bird house for a half hour of feeding
apples to these colorful birds.
Mom and Georgia had come here earlier in the week and had so much fun.
Mom took this photo during their trip.
We split our week in the Catskills so that our dogs would be taken 
care of and so Warren and I could attend an important meeting with 
some of our kiddos.

When it came our time to go in I hesitated and then just went for it.
So happy we did!!
These little critters were "enthusiastic" to receive their apple dinner.

Loved the brilliant colors!


It seems they really like men.
Warren, for sure!
This was worth the $18.50 entrance fee to the zoo.
For sure.

The white tiger was calm when we first saw it.
While Warren and I were in the bird house Jonathan went back to visit
it again and it kept trying to get to him.
Minutes later as we passed by we saw that it was feeding time.
Whew....glad those cages are secure.

It was so neat to see that there are babies at this zoo.
A baby monkey, of whom I go no good photos.
This snow leopard.

We were just inches away but through plexiglass.
This frisky kitten kept trying to jump through to play with 
us but we stepped back and told it to go wake up his littermates to play.
Would you believe it did just that?
It came up to this pile of leopards and piled on top!

Such a treat!!

As we were approaching the zoo Warren told me that he finds photos 
with people in them more interesting over time than those of just
beautiful scenery.
And so I took one....

As you can see the day was beautiful!

Cute little fox.  
Much better fed than the ones that live in our neighborhood.

A thoughtful friend.
Such pretty fur....

My tiger friend.
Chelsea usually poses in these for me.....but since she wasn't there....

The otters were friendly little critters.
They have the pattern down...
come to the front of the viewing area and then run
to peek under the fence to watch you walk away.
Funny thing is Jonathan was still standing there when I walked away
so he got to see their routine while I was oblivious until he told me.
I looked back and there they were peeking out from under the fence at me. you can see we had a wonderful time here.
God gave us amazing gifts when He made the animals.
I know just our own precious pups are great for lowering the 
blood pressure.
Seeing these guys reminds us once again how great our God is.
Such differences, such detail.

I'm so thankful for this time away.
Thanks Mom for arranging it!!


Linda Gross said...

I can tell you enjoyed your day at the zoo. Good for you that you were able (and willing) to take this vacation!

Vee said...

Fantastic close-ups of those amazing animals. I am conflicted by zoos, too, but not all of us can afford a safari. Seeing these majestic animals would be only for the well off. Still. Conflicted. Love the photos of you and your Beloved with the birds.

Gayla said...

Animals are so perfect... Glad you had some free time. Loved the parrots!