Monday, October 24, 2016

This Weekend's Wedding

Meet my friend, Ruth.
She is such a sweet lady who loves much!
She loves her friends, her family and her neighbors.
She loves the Lord.
She also loves Gary.
She and Gary were once married.
Then life happened and they weren't married anymore.
But then REAL Life happened and God reunited them.
On Saturday they were remarried!
It was way more moving than I expected.
I guess not having been to a re-marriage before 
I didn't know what 
to expect...
It definitely didn't feel like they were going through the motions.
These are two adults who really understand the commitment
they are making to each other and the Lord.

Since I was busy with the food I didn't get any photos of the two 
of them together but here is a photo of the men right before the 
ceremony started,
Gary is on the right.
Pastor Mike on the left.
Gary and Ruth's son, Steve, is in the middle.

In the moments JUST before Ruth walked down the aisle I got 
she and her kiddos to pose for me.

I didn't take any photos during the actual ceremony.
I was too busy wiping tears...
But our friend, Kelly was the official photographer and she
captured many special moments.

Running back to the fellowship area immediately following the 
ceremony I snapped a couple of photos before guests began to 
come in.
Everyone loved the floating candle centerpieces.
Ruth had given Deanna, of Creekside Cottage, a photo of something
she found and loved and asked if it could be duplicated.
Sure enough...these were so pretty lit.

Here was one of the drink stations taken earlier in the day.
One of these was later filled with water and the other with 
pink lemonade.
A coffee carafe was added in the center.
The pictures on the drink tables came from my living room.
Turns out I happen to like pink and green, 
which were the wedding colors, 
pretty well myself.
Didn't really think about it until I looked around for 
items to take to pull in more of her colors.
The ones already at the church tend toward Autumn
rather than Spring.

 As someone who makes a lot of party favors I thought Ruth's 
jelly favors were adorable!!
Small jars of jelly from Kitchen Kettle Village
with a personalized label.
I made sure I got me some blackberry jelly!

While I would have loved the opportunity to make the cake
I would have had neither the time or expertise to make something this lovely.
It is a duplicate of their original cake.
A local bakery, Achenbach's, did a fantastic job!
It was beautiful and delicious.
Very moist!

The serving utensils were vintage and had personal 
meaning to Ruth.

I got only ONE food photo.
It was of the fruit cup which was simple but tasty.

Green grapes and pineapple with a splash of organic orange juice.
Topped off with strawberry fluff and a slice of kiwi.

To see more about this wedding from Deanna's perspective you 
can visit her at Creekside Cottage.
Take note of the Sweetheart table....simply adorable.
The picture over the table is vintage and hung in Warren's
Grandmother's dining room for many years.
It has hung in ours since her passing.
I really liked it in that spot behind the couple as they
ate their meal and then greeted guests.

It was truly an honor and a blessing to be a part of 
this important day.

It was also great to work together with a team of people to 
pull it all off!


Terra Hangen said...

How sweet your friend remarried her ex-husband. She looks pretty in her white dress.

Deanna Rabe said...

It was special!

The food was great and it all went off so easily! You'd think we do this on a regular basis! LOL!

It was fun working together!

Vee said...

The bride looks so lovely in her beautiful dress. Everything looks so thoughtful and well planned. What sweet friends to do all these things. May they be blessed.