Monday, October 10, 2016

It Happened Again

While walking Mom's dog, Bear, this morning we saw a white cat.
Bear went for it, which I thought was strange because he knows Oliver
and probably wouldn't have acted like that with him but not even 
thinking about it I just tightened the leash and said
"Sorry, Ollie".

We walked on down the road and it hit me.
Oliver was eating breakfast in the house.
This was the Oliver look alike that has tricked me before.

I came home and confirmed that this guy was indeed still inside.
When I took this picture Bandit was right up in his face
because I was giving him attention.
Boy, has she developed issues since Chloe died.
She is a LOT more work now. just cracks me up that even I can be so 
confused about these two cats.

Both white and both loving to travel the neighborhood, 
especially the cornfield.

A shot of the sunkissed trees this morning.

Mikey came to visit yesterday.
We love seeing him.
Married kids aren't around as much....
just sayin'.

He's getting all the miles in on this bike he can before
it is no longer motorcycle weather.
We discussed politics...of course.
I'm voting Mikey for President 2030.
He should be old enough and ready by then.

Love this guy.
In spite of the new gray hairs this machine has given me.


LV said...

Nicely done, but really like the first shot of the kitty.

Theresa said...

Oh how funny:). Two look alike cats! I may vote for Mikey this year:). Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

Vee said...

Do you need another white kitty? Ha! Glad that you have them sorted...for now. No, married kids are rarely around. Gotta love when they drop by.