Monday, July 25, 2016

Introducing Molly

Last Sunday I saw a post on Facebook from a friend.
She was looking for a home for Molly, 
her parents dog.
They were in Florida but so was she...visiting.
Amy offered to bring Molly back to Lancaster County if
anyone was interested in taking her in.

As you know it hasn't been real long since we said goodbye to Chloe.
However we have seen changes in Bandit that weren't 
all that positive.
Never having been an only dog it seemed that she 
would easily become very demanding and
mouthy without having that
second dog in the pack.

I sent Molly's photo to Warren.
He didn't say no.
He said,
"When do they need an answer?"

It wasn't off the table!!

Given that he was about to go into a meeting at church
I had to be patient.
Since I hadn't been that optimistic in the first
place and still being very sick I wondered if I would
be able to handle a new dog.
Especially one we hadn't met.
Kind of a big commitment once she was on her way from 

But I decided all I could do was leave the decision up to 
Warren and wait and see.

He came home.
We discussed it briefly.
He said we should make ourselves available to take
her and see what happened.
So, I sent the message that we would be the default home
if nothing else worked out.

Several messages went back and forth and we got more 
excited.  We saw others asking questions and just left it up
to the Lord.

On Monday I was taken to the hospital again,
this time by ambulance.
While I waited test results to come back I saw a message 
from Amy....
Molly was ours if we wanted her.

I felt it only fair to wait until I knew what I was dealing with
health wise before we agreed so I said nothing to anyone.

When the test results showed no major issues, and all of the family
involved agreed that this was a good thing I sent back 
that we would LOVE to have Molly come to us.

Side note:  Current working theory on what is wrong with me is
a reaction to my Thyroid medication.  I have been changed to another 
and am praying hard that things will return to normal over the next days and weeks.

SO......Thursday......Amy brought Molly to us.
There was an instant love in my heart for her.
She is petite...7 lb 4 oz.
She is polite....quiet, sweet and gentle.
She did have some adjustment period....extra quiet and reserved.
It was during this time that I took the following photo.
She was laying on my lap....kind of wondering what was going on.

But by evening she was sure that she was loved and safe here
and took her place as princess!

Molly has endeared herself to all in the family....
even the grown kids.
Yesterday everyone was together for dinner and Molly
went from one person to another getting love.

She and Bandit tolerate each other so far.
An occasional growl or snap will happen if one gets too much
into the other's space but those events are happening less and less.
I expect they will be friends in another week or so.

We are so thankful that God would bring us 
just the perfect dog for our family.
She is a true blessing!!


Deanna Rabe said...

She's so sweet.

You guys are the perfect family for her, too.

Doris said...

She is SO cute! I'm happy for Molly, I'm happy for all of you :)
I hope and pray that good health is yours....
God Bless you!

Linda Gross said...

Molly is a pretty dog. I hope you get your health under control.

Vee said...

She is so cute. I enjoyed reading how everything worked out. I am sorry that you are having issues with your thyroid medication. I know that it will all be straightened around and I hope that it is soon. Enjoy that sweet Molly and I also hope that she and Bandit become fast friends soon.

Sherry said...

she's so adorable..
i'm glad you've adopted her,
giving her a good home. ♥