Friday, July 15, 2016

For The Women Readers - Keeping it Real

Menopause...It was just a word.

Then my heart decided to run away faster and faster.

They have checked out my heart.  It is a very good pumper.  It is just going toooooo fast.

Just last night I decided to look up symptoms of menopause....because the doctor had me try hormone replacement therapy.  It changed me immediately but also made my legs ache so badly that I woke up groaning from trying to move my legs in my sleep.  So....It is on hold right now.  And after reading that it is made from pregnant horse pee I'm not sure that I would touch it again.  Horse hormones are not the same.

This begins the research stage.  I really need solutions because I'm tired of being basically housebound.

The ten pounds lost due to nothing tasting good or feeling good going down may be a plus.

So anyway:  The list of symptoms was 34 long.  I have at least these 10....

1.  Racing Heart
2.  Hot flashes (Mild)
3.  Flushing of face and chest
4.  Chills  - like crazy shaking from head to toe
5.  Anxiety - I thought I knew what anxiety felt like before.....but....this is off the charts.
6.  Dizzy/Lightheaded
7.  Digestive issues
8.  Nausea
9.  Strange odor
10. Memory loss

There may be more but this is what I can recall at the moment.  You may think that 10 out of 34 isn't that bad.  But it is bad enough!!

Now, my research continues.....if you have experienced these joys....what did you do to survive it?  I want to go as naturally as possible.  This is my current plan:

1.    Research Estrogen Creams/Bio Identical Hormones to see if there are any that have less side
       effects and use sparingly.
2.    Eat lots of cruciferous veggies.
3.    Eat potatoes. (Not a hardship!)
4.    Find a source for "clean" meats.  No hormones.
5.    Exercise.
6.    Focus on sleep schedule.
7.    Continue to lose weight
8.    Use healthy supplements such as Vitamins B, D, Magnesium and Calcium, Fiber.  For the
       moment I am rejecting Black Cohosh and some other popular choices due to drug interactions
       with my Beta Blocker.
9.    Reduce Dairy Intake
10.  Resist the temptation to stay at home and avoid anxiety attacks that are much more frequent in
11.  Be faithful to get Chiropractic Adjustments.
12.  Stay in touch with my doctor to monitor blood pressure and pulse.
13.  Continue seeing a counselor to perfect relaxation techniques.

There are many jokes about menopause but I think we need much more conversation about it.  If I had known more this may not have impacted my life so negatively over this past month.  I feel much more confident with the knowledge that this is what I'm dealing with and that there are things that can be done to get back on my feet.....with JOY.  It will happen.  With your prayers and lots of hard work I know this can be temporary.


Charissa said...

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Blessings and good look on your search!

Terra Hangen said...

Your action plan points outnumber your symptoms points which is good. Number 10 is important, keep going out a lot in public, that keeps that anxiety at bay the more you are out. Eventually all those symptoms may disappear, mine did. I refused to take estrogen made of horse pee because the horses suffer a lot! There are artificial kinds you can try which were helpful for me, just used for a short time.

Theresa said...

I made it thru menopause and I am smooth sailing now:) What I have to offer is that it does get better! Hang in there dear friend, HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way!

Carol Z said...

This season of life is no joke. I was fortunate in my symptoms, but my major issue was insomnia. After almost a decade I got back to sleeping through the night (mostly). I didn't use any hormone replacement, either, and am very grateful now. Keeping you in my prayers.