Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In The Summertime.....

It is such a beautiful evening out there!
We grabbed some sandwiches from a local shop
and headed down by the water to eat dinner.

Even the birds were singing joyfully!
Tomorrow the heat and humidity is to return for several 
days....but for this evening we enjoyed the perfection.

Our "temp Kid", Jared, is going to be with us just a week and a half
more before returning back to his home in Missouri.
I have been so very sad to have been sick nearly the entire time
he has been with us and therefore haven't done many of these
fun kinds of things.
But it made my heart happy to get out there this evening
and have a spontaneous picnic.

The butterflies are here!
So pretty.
I have a hard time not taking photos every time.

There was a HUGE surprise in our neighborhood yesterday.
Mom called me to say that there was a bear in her back yard.
She was serious!

She watched him try over and over again to climb this tree.
But it wasn't to be so he found one he could get up.
Right beside this deer target in our neighbor's yard.
For whatever reason he determined that he should knock it down.

I took the photo below later after the bear was long gone into the corn field.
But you can see why he was able to get up in this tree.  
There was something to get hold of.

Mom took this one from her back deck as he sat in the flower bed\
between attempts to get something from the bird feeders.

The bear was captured about 11 pm last night
in the park behind our Pastor's house.
It sounds like a lot of people came out and helped in the capture 
by keeping the bear in a tree until the forest rangers were able to 
arrive and give it a sleepy dart and a ride to a mountain
just north of Harrisburg.

While Mom was taking bear photos...before calling me....
I was out back in my yard taking more butterfly photos.

There is a butterfly in that photo, I promise.

Our family news of the week is that we are supposed to 
get a new little sweetie dog.
Molly is coming from the home of an elderly couple
who can no longer care for her....
although, I know they have done a great job up until now.
My heart hurts for them.
I know they must have hated to let her go.

We haven't yet met Molly.
She is on her way to Pennsylvania, (from Florida) right now.
I think we are going to hit it off very well because of how it all came to be.

Even Warren is excited!
He wasn't in a big hurry to get another dog but 
her sweet little face won him over nearly immediately.

Hoping that Bandit and Molly become best friends.
As you know, Bandit really needs another dog friend.
She has been so very lonely.

More photos of Molly to come once she is in our home.
I need to get used to a daily brushing routine...
she is a breed that needs it.

Our little "butterfly" dog.


Jenny Leong said...

Lovely pictures~~rarely comment but I check for updates. Your writing is descriptively beautiful. Thank you for sharing part of your life with the readers.

Vee said...

Glad that the bear has been rounded up and is in a new home. They are cute, but they are deadly and neighborhoods are no place for bears.

What a darling Molly is...looking forward to reading more about her.

I am sorry that you have been under the weather so much this summer, Hopefully, you will have more fun times to spend with your very handsome temp kid.