Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hi..............It's Me.

 This was the summer that I survived.

But it was also a summer that was kind of eventful.
I still got to be part of family Chelsea and Chadd's recent move.

God opened the door for them to get an apartment closer to their jobs.
It has two bedrooms so they get to have a music room.
They are simply delighted.

Moving day was HOT!!

Everyone came into the old apartment to cool off 
after the hard work of loading
the truck.

 Here the two Mikes catch up with each other.
Since Pastor Mike and our Michael have each gotten married they don't see each 
other nearly as often as they did in years past.
It is neat to see the friendship remains.

 Mom, Georgia and Megan wait for their next assignment.
Well, the moms were waiting for us to get moving to the new apartment so 
that they could know it was time to head to Costco for pizza and salads.
So sweet of them to feed all of us!!

The view from the deck at the new place.
How sweet is that??
There is even a Amish Schoolhouse within close view.
I would definitely enjoy watching the little ones head out 
to their classes each day.

Warren and our friend, Joshua, built the entertainment center.
It is pretty cool for coming out of a box in many pieces.
I think there were only three or four "extra" pieces 
when they were finished.

Chelsea LOVED setting up her kitchen.
Our friend, Mindy, was her helper.
They puttered happily away for a couple of hours.

Here is a blog post from Chelsea about the new apartment.

See this sleepy pup?
That's how I feel right now.

Today was the busiest day I've had since getting sick in May?  June?
Whenever it happened.
I'm just so thankful that improvement continues.

Fall craziness begins soon.
Teaching my precious music students both privately and at co-op.
Candle fundraisers....

I'm not planning to attend the Ladies Bible study in the Fall
due to needing to conserve energy but am expecting and hoping
to get back to it in January.
I know I will really miss the fellowship found there
until I am back again.
I'll have to meet up with friends occasionally for lunch.
That's good too.

Molly, that dog in the photo, has established herself as the cute 
boss around here.
When she came she would sleep in her crate without complaint.
But since I was used to crating Bandit if I went out on errands I 
crated Molly too.  After a while she just refused to wait quietly.
Finally she just wouldn't quiet down at night either. more crate for Molly.
She happily sleeps with us now.
She has a gift of getting her way.
We came home the other day to find that Jonathan
had even taken her with him to Burger King and shared a fry with her.
That is hysterical.
He is so big and she is so tiny and delicate.
But she adores him and follows him wherever he goes.
They spend hours together.

When Warren comes home she transitions to following him
and sitting on his lap.

I'm the caretaker and food giver.
So...I'm o.k. in her book.
But I don't have enough testosterone to be her favorite.
It is sweet to get little tail wags when she sees me, finally.

Bandit is very jealous but makes sure she gets lots of my attention.
The confrontations between the two have lessened.
But they didn't become the friends I had hoped they would.
I'm sure time will help.

See you back here pretty soon, 
I think.  
At least that is the plan. 


Theresa said...

It's nice to hear from you:). Sounds like you all have plenty going on in your lives! A new home is always fun:). Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

Vee said...

Hello, You! I am glad that you are pacing yourself. And sorry, too, that you must. An entire summer under the weather is no fun at all.

Wow! What a wonderful view Chelsea and Chad enjoy...amazing view really!

Molly and Bandit will come around, I hope. Funny how you brought Molly in, but she doesn't seem to know that.

Take it easy now!

Doris said...

Good to hear from you! Praying for a complete recovery for you.
Lovely view for the sweet couple =)

Sherry said...

** i'm continuing in prayer for your health, dear friend.

** what a breathtaking view chelsea & chadd now enjoy.
oh my .. i'd like to live there as well.

** that new little doggie is a sweetie-pie. love how they
seem to latch on to one or two people in family, and
at best tolerate others. thankful she kindly tolerates
you - - she best do that cuz you're the feeder! my evelyn
is definitely MY dog .. but just last night she followed
the hubs around and left me lagging behind. whoa. changes..

** hugs.

Betty Maden said...

I'm so glad to see you back. You have been in my thoughts and prayers! Take care.