Saturday, July 16, 2016

This and That

Bandit's thoughts on being an only dog seem to be things like this:
I'll do it my way~
Feed me more human food....just because~
I don't have to listen anymore~
Love you Mama~

I guess the attitude she is exhibiting is an independence that 
never really showed up because Chloe was the top dog.
Who knew that she was the one making Bandit behave all of
those years.

There was an auction in our neighborhood today.  
Horses and carriages were parked in various places but this
was my favorite spot.
Most comfortable for the horses and kind of pretty if you ask me.
If you look very closely you might be able to see the wagon 
attached to the back of the first carriage.
They are prepared to carry their purchases home.

Chelsea turned 21 ten days ago.  
But Chadd and some friends surprised her with a party
on July 4th.
I took this of she and her daddy that evening.
So cute.
These two.

Our daughter in law, Emily, lost her grandfather this
week after some time of illness.
It is always hard to lose those we love.
Our hearts are with she and the rest of her family
with whom we have been friends for so many years.
I'm sure the family would appreciate your prayers
as they learn how to live without this man
in their daily lives.

Today is the one year anniversary of Chadd's accident.
So many memories are coming rushing back as we relive the hours....
So much still up in the air.
We are so thankful for all God has revealed thus far.
That Chadd survived....miraculously.
For Shelley who gave him immediate assistance
and the Quarryville Fire Company who took over as soon as they arrived
removing him from the car and calling the medical helicopter.
For friends who waited with us that very long first evening as multiple
surgeries took place.
For ALL of you who have been so faithful in love, concern and prayer.
That he is able to work and minister to others at his job.
That Chelsea and Chadd were able to be married and are seeming
to be adjusting very well.
So much to be thankful for.
And so ....we will trust for the rest.
And continue to wait on HIS timing.

Oh my goodness!
Big news on the Mom front.
She retired this week!!
After working 22 years at Penn State and then 9 at the theater
she made the decision and the change.
She is looking forward to being even more involved in the 
ministries God has called her to in the past couple of years.

Look who showed up to her going away party.
I happen to know they brought her some very pretty flowers....
but alas no photo of the flowers.

By the way.  
I didn't take the last two photos.
They were stolen from FB from a friend of hers.
Hope I'm forgiven.

So there is a lot happening around here.
Hoping to get to feeling much more normally soon
and back in a regular posting routine.


Carol Z said...

You've had a whole lot going on. Prayers for Emily's family and good wishes for your mother. So glad that we met through blogging. Took the Staten Island ferry last week and had sweet thought of your visit to NY. Take good care!

Theresa said...

Praying for this family who lost their loved one. Continuing to pray for Chadd and Chelsea. God is in control. SO happy for your Mom! I know she will love it. Have a blessed evening. Hugs