Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crazy Weather!

The weather yesterday was hostile.  Although, I did manage to wear flip flops to Bible Study in the morning with the argument that it was to get up to nearly 60 later in the day.  Many didn't buy the argument but my feet were happy..... so it's all good.  And our topic of the day was putting on the footwear of peace from the Armor of God.  My flip flops are very peaceful to my feet.  Just sayin'.

We had a luncheon leadership meeting after our regular study time and then I came home to pack up some orders to go to the post office.  Our little friend, J, was here and Chelsea had to go pick up Chadd at work so J became my little buddy for the trip to the post office.  We headed out with the skies getting more and more black all the time.  First stop was to drop some big boxes off with our Pastor's wife.  It was just dripping as we made the transfer.  Next up was the post office but as I pulled away from Mike and Jenny's house the rain let loose in sheets.  I pulled into the post office and debated leaving and coming back later but as we sat there for a couple of minutes the rain eased up once again.  J and I made it in and out of the post office without becoming too soaked.  Then it was off to get Chinese food for Jonathan.  I had already called it in so not going wasn't an option.  J and I were once again happy to have just moderate rain for our short walk into Peking.

Now, the plan was for me to head up to Lancaster to meet up with Chelsea and Chadd after J was picked up to do some wedding shopping but Warren notified me that there was a tornado watch for the rest of the day.  Having just seen the crazy downpours and felt the ominous heaviness in the air I let Chelsea know I wouldn't be heading North.  I decided, instead, to spend the evening in the candle workshop.  I was relieved when before too long Chelsea and Chadd came home.  Where they were planning to be wouldn't have been too far from where all the storm damage happened.

These got accomplished last evening anyway.

I'm glad I did decide to work downstairs because it was while I was there that my phone alerted to a tornado warning.  The Storm bearing tornado signatures was right over Quarryville.....our town.  Usually you hear those warnings and it is somewhere else.  However, with the storm raging outside and thunder clapping loudly we took it seriously and gathered near our laundry room door but watched the television in my workshop.  We discussed our plan should we hear the wind pick up.  Thankfully it was just minutes before it was obvious that the storm had moved quickly to the north and east.  It appears that the rotation actually touched the ground just a few minutes away from Sight and Sound where Warren had been an hour before.  There are no reports of injury locally but there is MUCH property damage.  40 houses have some damage, at least.  An Amish schoolhouse has been completely destroyed and a couple of chicken houses collapsed.  Sadly, they had thousands of chickens in them.
I know that other parts of the East Coast were harder hit.  They are in my thoughts and prayers.  My dear friend, Shelley's, parents lost their roof in Alabama.... and it flew over and landed on their cars.  They are safe, though, so there is that to be thankful for.

Today will be a busy one.  Off to pick up my friend Mindy and take her to work before an afternoon of teaching music.  Poor Mindy, a skunk got in a fight just outside of her small apartment room.  It sprayed and her room is now permeated with skunk stink.  I fear her clothes and everything might be bad....we'll see...but I'm taking some odor neutralizing spray to share with her just in case.  Anyone who has been that close to a spray event knows how horrible it truly is.  Nothing like what you smell as you pass one on the road.  It is way more acidic and harsh up close and personal.

So, while it is shaping up to be busy, I'm hoping it will be less adventurous.  More predictable and calm would be just fine.


Linda Gross said...

I am happy that everyone is ok. Tornado warnings are scary stuff. I have experienced only two warnings myself. The first one was in Indiana, while I was in the Army. The tornado touched down not far from where myself and other Army personnel were huddled underneath tables in the basement. The second one was years later, here in my hometown in PA. My husband and I spent about an hour in the basement, with our kitty cat. That tornado touched down just a few miles away. I recall one tornado, that I wasn't anywhere near. My brother and his wife to be had purchased a trailer. The tornado ripped through the trailer park. They had to buy another trailer. Thankfully neither of them were inside the trailer at the time. Again, I am happy that you are OK. I hope today is much less exciting for you!

Theresa said...

I just saw that there were storms up there! Happy that you all are safe! Have a blessed day dear friend:) HUGS

Doris said...

My son and I were driving to church (son doing the driving, thank God!) during the crazy wind and rain. It was not fun! No damage here, just a few sticks to pick up. Oh my, the damage I see in the reports here and elsewhere....prayers for those dear people!

Karen said...

I heard "Lancaster County" this morning and was hoping all our friends were ok. Glad you were all protected.

Thanks for posting so we know all is well.

Love ya, friend!