Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sticky Snow

We had sticky snow.
So, so pretty.
This snow stuck to the trees for a long time.

Finally yesterday the winds picked up and huge clumps of 
snow were blowing and falling to the ground.

It reminds me of cake icing on the photo above.

Very pretty....very cold.
And all we needed.
For sure.
Spring is welcome at any time.

It won't be this week, though.
We are headed to single digits overnight.
Makes one very thankful for a warm cozy home
and a comfy bed with efficient comforters.

Now, to just convince our cat, Oliver, that he is better off inside
each night.  It isn't up for debate, really....
but he tries.


Theresa said...

Oh so BEAUTIFUL:) I love the snow pictures! Hope you get an early Spring! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Doris said...

This one was a pretty snow! I'm ready for Spring though :)

Vee said...

He prefers to be on the prowl on such cold nights? Oliver!

Yes, very pretty. When does spring arrive in PA? It can arrive in March here, but it is very, very rare.