Friday, February 5, 2016

Special Dinner and Georgia's Orchids

Last evening we had dinner with Warren's mother, Chelsea, Chadd, Pastor Mike and his wife, Jenny. It was wonderful.  We used to have "family" dinners all of the time but you know how it goes. Schedules shift and people get busy.  We really need to make an effort to schedule them and just enjoy whoever is available that evening.

Anyway, after dinner talk turned to an orchid that Mike and Jenny had given Georgia a little over a year ago.  It turns out that Georgia is an orchid whisperer.  This plant has grown so that she had to replant it three times.  Right now it has amazing blooms on two stems.

Some close ups.
I was amused that Mike and Jenny want some of these to 
appear on our church bulletins.

 They are so supportive of others.
Both of Georgia's ability to help this orchid blossom
and of my meager photography skills.

I used PicMonkey to tweak these.

Such fun it is when we bring our unique gifts and personalities together.

The conversation that followed dinner and a delicious orange cake for dessert
was the faithfulness of God during the years we have known each other
and been part of our church.

We shared many of the direct interventions we saw God do to sustain
this group of Believers with Georgia and Jenny who weren't 
there for all of it.

It's the real deal.
It is uplifting and necessary.

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Vee said...

Amen. What would we do without our family and dear friends? Georgia is doing a wonderful job with the orchid. (I kill them dead.) It obviously thinks the world of her.