Friday, September 4, 2015

This and That

I have to say that this was a pretty stinkin' good day.
It began with a trip to Costco with my Mama.
We had gotten her a coffee maker for Christmas a couple of years 
ago and it had died pretty quickly after that.
I forgot about it but when she mentioned it recently I suggested 
that we could at least try taking it back for an exchange.
We knew it could be a long shot since so much time had passed.
But to our great amazement we were able to make the exchange and left
with a new coffee maker.

I was putting groceries away...because when you go to Costco you may
be going for a coffee maker but you leave with more....
and Georgia popped in.
She had just found out that the farmer had 8 dozen ears of corn
waiting for her to pick up and freeze today.
She was wondering if I might have time to help?
Well, sure....but it would have to be this evening because I was 
taking the snacks to our Bible Study this afternoon.
A few church ladies meet every other Friday to study the Psalms.
Today we were on Psalm 8.
It was a very good study and then great discussion following.
I could go on and on about it but I'll spare you.
After the study and the discussion I gave piano and voice lessons 
to the sweet girls who live in our host home.
We've been doing that for a few months and I am seeing progress 
in both of these young ladies.
It is so much fun to work with them.

Finally I got home, made dinner and then headed to Georgia's to 
work on the corn.
From Georgia's kitchen window.  Mother and son hard at work.

Everyone knows I'm not a fan of hot humid weather.
Freezing corn is nearly always done during the hottest and most humid
day of the year...even if you wait until  a random September day!
And so my permanent job is the blanching and cooling of the corn
inside the house with the A/C.
Tonight Warren and Georgia were the "cutters".
I did go out to help them bag the cut corn...and honestly by then it was 
nearly dark and while it was still humid the temperatures weren't 
that bad.  We did so well.  26 bags of corn went in the freezer.
And then we were rewarded with red raspberry pie.
Georgia makes the best pies and this was no exception.
Oh yummy!
Our Amish neighbors have gone into the red raspberry business
and have greenhouses full of them.

I didn't get to make candles today but that is o.k.
I'll get back to that tomorrow.
If the weather is good I might just open the door again
like I did on one day last week.

 I love having this access to the outside and might even have to 
put a screen door here.

The furry helpers and I have been working until late at night lately.
Warren brought the pet bed over and placed it under my work table
where Tidbit and Bandit shared it pretty much immediately.

 They are my constant companions...
and now they are pretty happy.
The hard cold floor wasn't exactly their favorite but they would 
deal with it just to be where I was.
Crazy pets.
I love them.

And so life goes on.
And it is not so bad.  

Some have asked for an update on Chadd and Chelsea.
They are doing pretty well.
Chadd continues to impress us with his strength and determination
to recover.  He sometimes even walks without his cane in the house.
But even when he does use the cane he is stylin' 
due to some encouraging messages his friend added to the cane.

Your continued prayers are so welcome.
And while you are at it my dear friend, Shelley, had surgery on her back today.
She would likely appreciate prayers for a speedy recovery.


Theresa said...

YUM corn:) I LOVE fresh corn, reminds me of my childhood! Have a blessed day and I will continue to pray for Chadd, Chelsea and your friend Shelley! HUGS!

Vee said...

Oh I thought she was going to ask if you'd help eat it! I suppose 8 dozen would be quite a meal. =D So glad that Chad is doing better each day and even not using his cane in the house. Progress is good.