Friday, September 18, 2015

I Chose The Back Road to Save Time

 Yesterday was one of those beautiful September mornings.
I was running about five minutes late to pick up a friend
and get her to work.
However, I always build an extra fifteen minutes into this trip 
since we have to go through the city of Lancaster to her workplace
so this left me ten minutes of wiggle room.
I dodged some road construction with a sigh of relief and took 
a small back road to cut off the corner of our normal route.
Alas, up ahead the gate was open and an Amish woman was
signaling for me to slow.
I stopped pretty far back as I expected cows to cross the road 
in front of me and then for her to close that gate and 
I would be on my way.

However, that is not what would happen.
In fact, nothing happened.
I eased up toward her and she came to my car.
She said some cows had escaped and were on the road up
over the hill.
Someone was up there rounding them up and I should wait 
so I didn't hit them.
That sounded like a good idea.
I asked her how many cows got out.
She didn't know.

Well, that seemed like a complication to me.
How do you know you have them all if  you don't know how 
many are out?
But, I couldn't do anything about it so just sat still.
After a few minutes heads appeared over the hill.

Those crazy cows!
They were in NO hurry to get back into their pasture.
But they knew where they were supposed to be.
A teenage girl came behind them with a real sense of authority
and letting those cows know she wasn't taking anything from them.
Stragglers got redirected.

I didn't count but I think there were at least twenty rogue cows out there.

I seriously love cows.
They are such social creatures!
I visit the ones across the street from us occasionally.

I sent one of these photos to Mindy, who was waiting for me
and she hooted with laughter.
"Only in Lancaster" was her response to me.

It took less than the extra ten minutes I had to spare and these 
cows were back in their proper pasture.

This Amish Mama apologized for the delay and I didn't even 
bother to tell her that it had made my day.
I just smiled and waved.

Figured it hadn't made hers....

I am very thankful that she noticed that little one she is holding 
was coming onto the road behind my car at one point.
That was a scary moment as another car was coming up behind us.

Just look at that scene....
who wouldn't love living here???

Our traffic jams are just a bit different.


Sherry said...

you **know** i love the area you live.
wistful sigh...

Theresa said...

Beautiful scenery! We need more traffic jams like that:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Deanna Rabe said...

So many reasons to love Lancaster County!


LMJ said...

Ohhh...I LOVED these pictures! Lancaster County lures me every time I visit PA! My mom was born and raised in the Denver area , my dad in the East Earl/Churchtown area, and I grew up in Berks County, in Fleetwood. Now I'm a Southerner, down in MS. I miss PA sooo much!

Vee said...

So much more bucolic than ours! Only in your corner indeed!

Doris said...

I moved away from cow situations to traveling mostly on busy Rt. 30.....all in Lancaster County :) I do love PA!