Friday, September 25, 2015

Beautiful Potter County Pennsylvania

A Photo Journey with minimal chatter....

Our view from the cabin

I made it my mission to get a photo of a dog sitting in front of this rock.
Not so easy as you can imagine.
Bandit wondered why I was pointing it out to her and proceeded 
to sniff it thoroughly.
Finally she sat in front of it as I was asking her to do.
I want to edit the final photo at some point, just for fun,
but at this moment I have more important things that I must get to.

I just love the forest floor.

Seriously?  More photos Mom?

Warren brought his remote controlled helicopter along....

Our home away from home this trip.

Walkway to the stream behind the cabin

We enjoyed the steam from the lawns as the sun heated the valley each day.

On borrowed time....about to be evaporated away.

 And then we went to Lyman Lake named after the second permanent resident 
of Potter County.

I sat on a bench under this tree with the dogs and read while Warren, Georgia and Jonathan explored the dam that has recently been updated.

Time spent with Warren's two sets of Aunts and Uncles was a huge highlight
of this trip.  
They had us over to their cabin for a picnic one afternoon.
It was delightful!

We made it home safely yesterday after 
a long and detoured journey home.
But we are so thankful to be safely here.


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous place to visit! Your pictures are AWESOME! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

What a nice getaway! There's way more foliage color there than here! Bandit is a cutie.

Deanna Rabe said...

Very nice! I pictured the cabin being more in the woods. Is this the usual place you stay?

I think it looks like a great getaway!


LMJ said...

I'm a new lurker (through Mrs. Rabe) and haven't commented yet, I don't think. But...I just HAD to comment on these pictures!! They make me lonesome! And, I love them! I grew up in Berks County, but through marriage was transplanted to the deep South in MS. When I was a youngster my family rented a cabin several times in this very area...lovely, lovely country. :-) Even now, a few times my side of the family, grandchildren and all, has rented a cabin/lodge/house up close to the same area, not quite as far north. We treasure those times...the togetherness...the memories we are forging. PA will always be 'home' to me!
~Lois J.