Friday, September 11, 2015

I'm Going There......

Wading into the land of politics for just a few seconds.

Can someone please make Donald Trump behave?
What a mess!

Perhaps the easier solution is to get the media 
to quit being manipulated by his own  admitted 

Every time the man opens his mouth 
you can tell how very much he enjoys hearing
himself speak.

This is crazy, people.
Simply crazy.

On this September 11th and all of the seriousness
of the day I hope we can stop for a minute
and think about what kind of person
we need to be looking for to 
get us through these next dangerous and 
serious years.

There are many qualified people out there.
We need not elect a person we do not trust,
if you are a Democrat, 
or an entertainer...for those of us who are Republicans.

I'm still watching and waiting to see who I want to 
Hard to tell with all the distractions.

I still love the process and thoroughly enjoy
most of the craziness.
But Trump has lost it
in his self gratification in putting others down.

Imagine that in the Oval Office.

Sorry, just had to be said.


pat said...

I hope all these folks increasing his lead are doing it to have the real candidates step up there game. I hope.

Doris said...

Totally agree!! Yikes indeed.

Terra said...

I wish the Democrats would come up with a big slate of good candidates.