Monday, September 14, 2015

September Weekend

Our weekend was pretty special.
There was a neighborhood picnic on the schedule for Saturday evening
but I was convinced it wouldn't happen because the weather was 
supposed to be very unsuitable for an outdoor event.
Well, I was wrong.
Not about the weather...but about the determination of our 'hood.
Our host family opened their home and got us all in and out of the rain.
There was a great turnout and we enjoyed time spent with 
many we knew and a few we hadn't met in our more than ten years living here.
I got to hold a 6 week old baby boy.
Such a tiny little guy....and so precious.

It was a very wonderful evening.
Even as we heard torrential rains coming down outside.

Sunday morning's Sunday School brought me to tears as we continued our study
on the Family....from Focus on the Family.
The subject we began this week was the importance of the father in the family.
A video segment showed men and women sharing their thoughts on their fathers.
In this case most of the dads were either absent physically or emotionally.
It breaks my heart to see the damage and hurts that I was spared in having
a wonderful father in my life.
Sure, I miss him....gone so soon.
But I wouldn't trade him for a longer living one who wasn't such an amazing man.
Not perfect...but loving, teaching and there for me.
I do hope dads all over get to see this series and understand how very important 
their role is.
They don't give birth....but they have the power to make a child feel whole and prepared
for the life they will grow into.

After church we were supposed to have a picnic but with the more than two 
inches of rain which had fallen on Saturday we decided to postpone
and not go to a muddy park.
Many chose to stay and share lunch at the church but Chelsea suggested a trip 
over to Longwood Gardens.  
They close earlier on Sundays so we had to keep it moving to grab lunch 
and get over there but She, Chadd, Georgia, Warren and I made it.
It is one of our favorite places to go but with all of the heat, humidity and 
drama this summer Warren and I hadn't been there since Spring.
After a few sprinkles the skies cleared and it became the most perfect day!

Before leaving I grabbed extra batteries for my Canon point and shoot and prepared
to have fun taking photos with it rather than my cell phone.
There is a difference.
And I've missed playing with it.

This weekend they were celebrating dahlias.  
So many varieties.
There were displays set up all through the Conservatory which had been judged.

I loved the following display.
Not sure that it translates as well in the photo
but the three dimensional effect of the frame
and beautiful frosty colors as they celebrated the movie, Frozen,
were striking.

Contrasted to this vibrant flower and the perfect background.

Vases and vases of flowers.
So.much.beautiful color.


Loved this shot of Georgia enjoying the flowers.
We were amused at our differing style of enjoyment.
Hers is so hands on and mine is very visual.
She reminds me of Beverly with whom I started making candles.
She "saw" with her hands too.
Funny that Georgia now lives in Beverly's former home.

Outside the roses are doing that beautiful last gasp
that they do every late summer.
I love to catch them at it.

 Some were a bit tattered from the weekend's heavy rain.
But many were not.

Such a Creator.
So much variety....and all that detail.

I was so excited for Warren to see the construction on the front lawn and fountains.
He enjoyed my excitement and thought it a bit strange that I am so into it.
Even after 26 years of marriage I can still surprise him sometimes.
Not often. 

The tower looks a little lost and lonely right now.
But that will change when everything gets put back together, I think.

It was a wonderful time spent with our people.
Mom was spending the weekend with my brother in Central Pa. so she 
missed it...but I know she was having a good time there.

Chadd did well with the use of a wheel chair.
Chelsea pushed him all the way and we delighted in their devotion
to each other.

Warren and I hobbled at times ...just because we are getting older.
I had a birthday this week ....and so it is official.
But we really have no serious complaints.
We are blessed and we know it!

Oh, one final word.
If you have not seen the movie War Room....GO!
It is soooo good!
It is what we did on Labor Day.
The theme is prayer and that is all I want to tell you in advance.
It is worth every penny and has the power to 
change our world.


Theresa said...

I want to see War Room, it has so many talking! Prayer is needed everywhere! SO happy that you got to spend some time at those gorgeous gardens! BEAUTIFUL pictures! Have a blessed day dear friend, prayers continue for ALL!

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm glad we are going next month. I haven't been to Longwood in too long!

So beautiful!