Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Beginning to Move In

I really thought I would have been moved in to the new workshop by now but things have been just a bit busy around here... as you know.
However, the most healing thing for me is to work, work, work.
Probably because my work doesn't feel like working.  It is such a joy.  And so this week I have been making candles like crazy.  Filling orders and also making candles for the shops.  I'll be restocking Fresh Vintage by Amy this morning.  I am so blessed to be one of their candle makers!

It was also fun to paint the shelves on the walls in my new workspace.
This is such a small room that I knew I needed to use every possible inch in a productive way.
And so the shelves you see here over the counter are the candle cooling shelves.

When I pour a candle it just needs time to sit and cool before I can pour a second time for a nice smooth top.  These shelves will hold a lot of candles up and out of the way and that will allow me to have workspace to continue working, rather than holding up the process as happens now in my limited kitchen space.  My productivity level will be improved like crazy.

From a decorative point of view, these may be functional shelves with heavy metal rails but I used Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint on the wooden shelves themselves.
With a LARGE blue wax melter as a main item in the room it made sense to use blue
as my accent color in the workshop.
That melter will also make my productivity level be sweet.
I would bring it in from the garage and run a long extension cord across the kitchen and dining room during heavy candle making days but now it will be available all of the time.
No more long waits between every batch as the microwave heats one batter bowl at a time.
This is going to change things a whole big bunch!!

Looking back toward the door are the other main set of shelves. 
These will hold all of my many fragrance oils.

I began bringing them down and setting them up when Warren reminded me that he needs to screw the shelves to the supports first.  He was just waiting for me to get them painted.  So, I'll move these and let him do that and then continue the move in.
Hoping that is enough shelf space.  
If not I'll figure something out to add more shelves.

My legs are going to be in much better shape after this move.
My calves hurt so much from all of the trips ups and down
the stairs in the past couple of days.
Very cool side benefit.

I love the baskets to the right for the various lids.
I'll probably get some cute crocheted doilies at Goodwill to cover them to keep the dust off.
Seems like a good idea.

Up next we need to get a microwave, 
move the printer and desk into the room and clear out the kitchen 
and dining room of all things candle.  
That will be great!!

However, I have many orders to accomplish and so am still working in the kitchen until the moment I begin working down there.

I've talked about this so long I'm sure you may have thought it would never happen.
I've had my moments of doubt as well.

If you are brave enough to come to Lititz this Saturday for the huge Craft Festival you can find 
me at Back Home Again on Main Street.  I'll be working on the porch with their clearance items and my candles.  I would love to see you there.  I am offering special pricing for the day.

Chadd update:  The guy continues to impress us with his healing abilities.  There are some pretty serious concerns remaining and we continue to ask for your prayers that he doesn't get any of the complications that he has been warned about.  He is house bound except for doctor's appointments, by order of the doctor, which is a bit disappointing for Chelsea especially who hoped he would soon be at a point where she could take him out for a smoothie or something but it is understandable.
He's come a long way but still needs more time.
We can be so impatient sometimes.  :-)


Doris said...

Your new work space is wonderful! Good things take time....lots of time!
Happy to hear about the continued healing of Chadd. Prayers continue for you all!
Blessings to you today.

Theresa said...

I know you will be creating LOTS of pretties in this wonderful space:) Prayers for Chadd and Chelsea! Patience is hard sometimes, right? We will pray for patience too:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Deanna Rabe said...

Your work space is looking so great! I know it will be a blessing to get all set up down there! I suggest too that you put a blue tooth speaker in and play music while you work!

Excited for you, friend!

Beverly Sutley said...

Love the new work space. You're going to have so much fun in this new room.