Thursday, August 6, 2015


The weather has been simply beautiful in the mornings and so the dogs
are getting extra "outside" time.
They are only able to go out if we are with them since we don't have 
a play yard or invisible fence for them.
It always cracks me up, though, that I end up with two dogs and two cats
(sometimes three cats if the neighbor's Samson comes down to play).

Tidbit is almost always sitting at my feet just meowing at me.
After fifteen years you would think I would know what she was saying...
but I'm still clueless.

I was so amused by the straight tails in the air.
"Here we come, Mom!"

And then possibly some disdain.
"What do you want dog?"

Bandit was just behind me and as I turned I noticed the chickens
were looking pretty happy and wanted some attention as well.

That golden one is Mabel.
She is named after my great grandmother.
Mabel is the ticket to life for the others because I have declared
that they will go to auction when she passes......
she is the longest living chicken ever.
I am not so sure they haven't devised a scheme to make us think
she is still in the land of the living....
Nah, she is healthy, happy and I love her.

And then there is this random photo from the other evening.
Jonathan gives his little sister a comforting hug.

He may be big and she small 
but they both have gigantic hearts and they love each other
so much!

Of the furry and feathery kind...
and of the sibling kind.

It all adds to the tapestry of life.
Ours is quite beautiful.

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Theresa said...

Love the outside and it looks so do your furry friends:) LOVE that last picture, nothing sweeter than Sibling love! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!