Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Good Week!

Good Morning Sunshine!
What a fantastic weather week we have enjoyed.
It has been watch the grass grow weather.
As can almost see it happen!

It was back to work for Chelsea and Chadd
as Joseph opened officially yesterday.
They had training days earlier in the week and then 
there was the Final Dress Rehearsal
Employee Premiere on Thursday evening.
Because they work in concessions 
they have to take some down time while
the shows are changed.
It is a mixed blessing as they enjoy getting
to do things on the weekends that they 
usually aren't available for 
but they miss their work family and the paychecks.
So...all in all it is good for them to be back to 
a routine and serving those who come to see

This week Mom and Georgia will 
finish up their fun vacation.
It will be good to have them home again.
The neighborhood can be a bit quiet without them.
Although we do have someone in Mom's house while she is 
away who is taking care of  her pets.
Chadd is house sitting for her and he is finding out that 
animals can be quirky.

We also had a guest this week and we had him 
stay at Georgia's. 
It was almost amusing, though, that it didn't occur 
to us until about 11pm when we has headed next door
that we hadn't alerted our neighbor on the other side of 
Georgia's house, who is also Georgia's very good friend.
We wondered if she might notice a man in what was supposed
to be an empty house and call the police.
Thankfully that didn't happen and all was good.
Can you imagine, though?

That guest was Warren's cousin Tim.
It has been way too long since we have had a chance
to sit and chat with him.
Hours straight of catching up were great!!

These guys might look a bit different on the outside from
those years when they did everything together as kids
but their hearts are still the same.
Too bad there are so many miles between here and Florida.
We would so enjoy having this guy in our daily lives.

We also used Georgia's sun porch for a "picnic" dinner 
one evening this week.
The weather looked amazing but it was cool and windy
so we grilled our meat and carried it next door.

We had our family dinner....
but missed the moms who are usually 
pretty key to those events.
And so we look forward to their return 
and even the million photos we will "get" to see.
Just kidding.
I've been enjoying the few that Mom
has been posting on Facebook.

Update on the Chiropractic care that 
Warren and I 
are getting.
We love it!
Three times a week we go and get 
Warren's horrible headaches have stopped.
It is worth it just for that...
if there were no other benefits.
But there are and so we are thankful for this
change in our health habits.
Not all Chiropractors are the same....
and we've been to a few.
But we agree that this one is exactly who 
we needed and treats exclusively for keeping
those bones in their right places.
She doesn't try to sell anything else.
Doesn't it bug you when you go to a service 
provider for one thing and they try to 
get you to buy x, y and z?
Well, this practice does it right in our opinion.  
And all for one very reasonable monthly fee.

I need to go get ready to pick Jonathan up from
work.  We were going to go have breakfast this morning,
and so we went shopping together and dropped him off 
at work last night,
but he called and said he is just too tired.
Poor guy, sleeping during the day is so hard 
a couple of days a week.
And that first one is the worst.
Between loud pick up trucks that are so 
popular in our neck of the woods 
and a bus stop in front of our house with energetic 
children each morning he just can't sleep as long 
as he should to go into this first night. big breakfast today.
I'll just bring him home instead and he will sleep until sometime
after 6 pm when he will wake up and prepare for his second
overnight shift of the week.
And all the shift workers out there say...Amen!

Catch you later!

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Vee said...

So glad to read that the treatments are working! What a blessing that has to be. As a pug caregiver this week, I was amused to read about the quirky animals. Really, I think you need to question the neighbor why she was so accepting of the guest. LOL!