Monday, May 18, 2015

Back to Normal?

Well, we are quite far from normal as far as the house is concerned.  But the schedule is coming back to a more normal pace which will be helpful in getting things back on track in here.  It is crazy how life can just consume and overwhelm and there is not a blessed thing you can do about it.

Warren is at about 80 percent of his old self where it relates to his health.  He tires very easily and still has visual disturbances then.  We'll see if he just keeps getting better or if he has to have testing that is scheduled for June.  Bless his heart he has been trying to keep up with the house stuff and our aging cars that are breaking faster than he can fix them.  It is a blessing to have a husband who is handy like that....seriously.

Our mothers are on a large ship out there somewhere.  They went through the Panama Canal on Saturday.  Can't wait to hear all about their adventures.  They scare me.....something about four wheeling and other such craziness.  But you know what?  Those ladies are up to these challenges and it is amazing to see them embrace life like they do.

I'm having fun designing new baby shower favor candles.  Since my normal jars are out of stock I've been playing with small tins.  There is always something good that comes from a frustration such as having those jars stuck in a shipping container in LA after the strike out there.  Aren't these precious?

I put them in my Etsy shop.  Now to get them listed on my web site.  So much updating to do.  But I really love it.

We had a very nice day at church yesterday.  I got to spend the afternoon chatting with two ladies that I never get to spend enough time with.  Some of that is my fault because I could make time during the week to get together with friends but you know how that goes.  We all have plenty to do with our families and it just doesn't seem to happen.  I'm glad we tend to spend our Sundays together so that these friendships can blossom and grow.  We ladies really need friends.  Sharing of ideas and encouragement is definitely important to us.

Since it was a week that I wasn't playing the piano or singing I decided to go a bit more involved with what I brought for lunch.  So I did chicken and waffles.  This seemed like a good idea and actually worked out pretty well until the entire waffle maker fell apart mid waffle.  lol  Thankfully it had made it through one double batch of waffles and I was just making a third batch so I think that anyone who really wanted them got them.  Warren isn't sure if we will be able to save the waffle maker or not but in any case it was kind of fun.  Probably won't do it again any time soon since it requires so much time and stuff being hauled with us.  Normal Sundays don't allow that kind of added work.

I think I continue to write here this morning to avoid getting started with my day.....and so I should probably get moving.  Chelsea and I have a few errands to run this morning and then I have some fundraiser and Etsy orders to make up this afternoon.  We are looking forward to a visit from Warren's cousin this week and so I should go rearrange the stuff in our dining room and living room to clean under it.  :-)  I'll at least feel as if I tried.

Have a very blessed day!


Theresa said...

Oh YES, those Mamas are having the time of their life and I think it is wonderful! Love the tins:) Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS

Vee said...

Your mothers and their adventures bless me all to pieces! Two more "with~it" gals one could not hope for. We can always pray and I imagine you spend a lot of time communicating with The Father. I'll pray for your vehicles and appliances and health and business and careers and kids and energy and not necessarily in that order.

Karen said...

So glad to hear Warren is improving, even if it's slow. I'm sure it's frustrating to him but it's always good when things move in the right direction.

Those moms are amazing adventurers! And such blessings, too! I'm kinda seeing where Mikey got his daredevil tendencies from, perhaps? ;-)

Love the "Baby under construction" candles. Cute but still boy-ish is hard to find but you nailed it.

Glad to hear an update from you. I'm reading even when I'm a day or two late or don't leave a comment.