Monday, May 11, 2015

Bits and Pieces From the Weekend

 Found this sweetie in our yard on Saturday.
Wished I could keep her but we found out where she belonged.
Such an itty bitty thing....and so sweet too.

 I took my annual dogwood tree pictures.
Just because.....

Randomly received these Mother's Day 
flowers from a mystery sender.
LOVE them!

Enjoyed two delicious desserts made by Chelsea.
We are dreaming of the day strawberries are ready to 
pick nearby.

This also had a layer of strawberries. 

 After Georgia made a scrumptious lunch for everyone at her house
we girls headed out to Groff's Nursery to gather some
flowers to spruce up the empty spaces on the deck and 
in hanging baskets in our yards.
This is the second year we've done this on Mother's Day.
Could be a tradition as long as Chelsea lives in the area.
She loves tradition.

The kids hosted a picnic on our deck for us.
It was delicious.
Mikey and Emily brought a beautiful hanging basket.
It is so full of blooms.
Here's hoping I don't kill it with my 
brown thumb.
I'll really try because I truly do love and appreciate it!!

Candid shots of two of the most important women in our lives.
We are so thankful that they are friends 
and for all the ways they pour into 
our lives.

My Mom (Ruth) has the dog.
Warren's Mom (Georgia) is in yellow.

I know that many of you had amazing weekends with your families...
I saw some had sick kiddos...
while others were missing those that they love because of distance
and other reasons.
Whatever your situation I pray that God blessed you
with His love and peace.


Vee said...

Those are two youthful moms you have there! Your hanging basket reminds me of the one I received. Sounds as if you had an especially lovely day. I did as well.

Sherry said...

what a nice day you enjoyed.. :)
those cuppie-cakes look a mite delicious. understatement of the year.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I'm certain that Chelsea's desserts were amazing, and that Emily's flower basket was the best! She is gifted with a green thumb! Lucky you!

Glad you had such an amazing day.


Handiworkin' Girls said...

Hope you all had wonderful Mother's Day!

Loved the dogwood tree photos. The pink blossoms are so beautiful!