Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yet Another Day to Be Thankful

I woke this morning praying.
I was pouring out the concerns of my heart
even as I slept or at least 
as the consciousness began 
to come.

Not a bad way to begin Thanksgiving 2013.
I'm so thankful for all the Lord has done
in our family this year.

Of course there are concerns.
I've been sharing them freely.
But, a life without concerns would leave us 
terribly unaware of all that is good and wonderful 
in our lives. 
We would not realize the difference.

There are days when I'm playing the piano 
for worship and I slip and hit a wrong key...
ok so maybe it happens every time I play. 
But, in those moments I think defensively, 
Just think of all of the right keys I do play.
Why does that one have to stand out so harshly.

and it is just like life.

There we are cruising along with all going as we think it should
when all of a sudden in front of us is a discordant event.
It is harsh.
It gets our attention.
We even fuss.

But, it the grand scope of life it is just a note
misplayed.....according to us.
God never misplays notes.
His ways are simply not our ways.
He allows these things for our good and His glory.
(Did you just roll your eyes?)

Well, He does.

And every day with Him is glorious.
Not one day out of the year.
Not when things are going all peachy keen.
Every day!

I say these things even as my heart breaks for a 
blog friend who lost her husband suddenly this year.
Even as I am aware of families who aren't holding
babies close...and yet dearly want to.
I have observed the left out and the lonely.
Our family unit has shrunk.
We miss those who are gone... so much.
I so do not intend to minimize the impact and pain
involved in these life events.
Not for a minute!

But in all of that.....
He is Good.

He is holding these people up and so close.

May the discordant sounds in our lives be turned 
back to beautiful strains
which bring both joy and giddiness at how very much 
"goes right".
And how much He loves and cares for us
in every moment of our lives.  
Those we see as good...and especially in those we 
perceive as bad.

And special thanks to our Heavenly Father for sparing 
the life of our friend Clarence this week.
You can read about his near miss 


Karen said...

Your words are so true! I teared up, reading about the friend who lost her husband this year-I've thought about that a lot these last couple days-and my heart breaks for her.

And yet-with all our losses, all our pain, all the bad stuff we see/experience--we do, indeed, have a good God, who has a perfect plan.

Thanks for these reminders today, dear friend.

Theresa said...

So true! We have had a tough year in our family but God is always in control! BIG HUGS and prayers coming your way dear friend!

Vee said...

Wow. That was quite the story.

You asked if I was rolling my eyes yet...not at all! I get it.

How is Jonathan feeling? Have been thinking about him and Chelsea, too. Hope that she's ready for her bus trip.

Many blessings this holiday season!

Carol Z said...

Prayers that Chelsea and Jonathan are feeling better. I so know that some years are rougher than others, but the rougher years have taught me about gratitude for the sweet and easy days, and for all that brings me through the tough days. Grateful for my praying friends around the world.