Saturday, November 9, 2013

We Are All Called

Before finding out we were expecting with Michael
I had an appointment set up to investigate becoming 
foster parents.
I don't think it was something that Warren was ever really 
on board with and it was something that I feared.
I feared the letting go.....
the possibility of watching children be ordered
back to bad situations.
I feared a broken heart.
But, I was very interested in helping children 
in crisis.
We never went to that appointment.
It seemed when I found out about our pregnancy that 
God closed that door.

Over the next 2 decades we have come to know 
families that are either entirely or partially made up 
of members who came through the foster system 
or adoption.
These families have a special place in my heart.
What a blessing to see God make a family that way.
I have moments of longing...still.

In more recent years we have gotten very close 
to some families who were in the process of 
adoption and have seen their journey up close and 
in a very personal way.
It is hard.
It is real.
It is beautiful.

I've felt conflicted as verses are quoted about 
all of us Christians caring for the widows and the orphans.
I mean, am I that selfish that I won't get over my fear of 
flying and go to some other country and rescue as many 
children as I can from their crib?
Or shouldn't I get in line to bring home a child in need
from any other source?

maybe I am.
It is possible that there is a part of me that
says we are about through with the hands on parenting
and would I really want to start over.
If I'm being honest this has passed through my brain.
But there is also another part that would jump to 
go and bring a child home.
I'm not the only part of the equation.
I'm not the only one who 
would be impacted by such a 

Chelsea blessed my heart this week when 
she talked in a very matter of fact way 
about the child she will adopt one day.
How sweet it would be if God did 
call her to that in His timing.

I feel very strongly that just as some are called
to teach and preach, 
some are called to serve in the background.

Some of us are called to prayer for the families that God has called
to adoption.
Some of us are to give....of our financial resources.
Some of us are to give of our time in making meals
or doing other household chores to free up the 
adoptive family to focus on special needs.

For now I have found my calling as it relates to the precious 
ones who are finding the homes God has prepared for them.
I am at peace.
I have less guilt....can't say none.
There will always be a part of me that wants 
to go.

But there is something that every one of us can do.
I wonder what he has for you?
It is a very huge blessing to become a part of the world
of adoption.
In one way....or another.

Families I am currently working with are:


Also adopting in our home town:

At the very least
 I hope you will add these families to 
your prayer list.


Terra said...

You have found a way to help people who are adopting, bless your heart, and I prayed for the families you mention.

Carol Z said...

I am keeping these families in my prayers. I agree with Terra. You serve orphans in a beautiful and meaningful way and give support and caring.