Monday, November 25, 2013

Good Morning

Hello there, 
Anyone who still might pop by here,
On this poor neglected blog.
Gone, for now, are the days when I wake up
formulating a post in my mind
and then come and tap away.
Also, gone are the days when I can take the time to 
pop in on everyone each day and see what you 
have to share.
Naturally, I miss it.
I miss you.
But for now this is how it must be.

Warren has finally agreed that the candle business
is something.
Something of value.
But the what next is what we are trying to figure out.
It eats more and more of my time
and makes our house
all the more messy as it 
I do not say this in complaint.
Just as a matter of fact.
Something needs to give.
It needs to move from the upper level
to the lower level of the house....
at least.

It had been at least two weeks since I had heard
directly from Chelsea.
I had been in contact with one of her friends who 
kept me somewhat up to date with things in Chiang Mai.
But on Sunday Midnight....
Warren's cell phone buzzed.
It was on silent.
Thankfully he heard it buzzing and woke up.
We had a nice nearly hour long chat with our girl.
Please pray for them.
Chiang Mai is proving to be very spiritually dark
and they are definitely sensing the spiritual warfare
in the city.
As part of the ministry they are definitely on the front lines.
I am so impressed by YWAM's way of working.
While some are out witnessing
others are praying in an intercessory fashion.
Praying without ceasing....
Calling for strength and light to pierce the darkness.
Still, it is hard!

One of the interesting things they were able to do 
was to help set up a Franklin Graham Crusade.
That must have been something.
It was held in a large stadium and Chelsea's team helped
prepare tickets and other organizational things.
So cool!

Jonathan will have an injection in his back on Wednesday.
We are praying that this will bring him some relief for his 
herniated disc.
The MRI images are rough.
If this doesn't work then surgery will be in his future.
I'm not holding my breath because there is a very strong
family history of this.
Same spot.
Same issue.
In those cases the surgery helped
regain a pain free life.
So, we shall see.
It is still our last resort...
as it should be.

For my own sake I would like to 
document here that I've lost 20 pounds.
It has not been hard.
I've simply changed my choices.
I'm not legalistic about it.
I eat many more fruit and more veggies.
Original, I know. 
But, the main thing I've been doing is striving 
to cut out processed foods and eat closer to the source.
I've increased my consumption of good oils
and am very careful to avoid corn, canola and soy oils.
I say NO to any item that has been genetically modified.
No GMO's.
All of these wreck our systems.

I've been taking a class that has taught me so much.
I'll take it again when it is offered in the Spring 
because it is so much information to intake and implement.

Here's to the next 20 pounds on their way out!
Many more to go.
But I feel much better.
There are still issues, of course.
I've spent years eating badly and causing myself issues
but I'm so thankful to have seemingly found the root 
cause of my daily headaches.
No more white bread for this chick.
Over the past three months I've found that I only 
get the headaches when I eat the white bread.
Yippee skippee.
I can avoid that!
It is worth it.

It maddens me to no end to find out 
what is on our grocery shelves.
Items that are causing Autism, birth defects and cancers.
And we think that they are safe because they are available.
Definitely not.

I'll stop now.
I just hope and pray that before long 
more and more people wake up to the 
damage that is caused by the "foods" we are eating
and the chemicals we use in our homes.

I know I've read about it for years but it wasn't until 
I was faced with excruciating pain did I begin the process of learning.
Now I am thankful for the pain.
It has changed my life.

If you would like to join some of us on the journey
to health
you are welcome to join our Facebook group
which we have lovingly dubbed
Chubby Chicks Changin' Choices.
My friend, Diane had the idea and we've been
having fun together sharing information and inspiration.
You don't have to be chubby to join.
We just got a kick out of the whole

Well, the dogs are begging to go out
so I'll be off.
Blessings on your day.


Theresa said...

Sometimes life keeps us away from the computer and that's OK:) I am happy that you heard from your sweet Daughter! I know that she is making a huge difference in the lives of the people she meets! GOOD for you on losing the weight and changing your eating habits! It is true, there are so many bad things that look good! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Tracy said...

My blogging has been sporadic, too. Not because I don't miss it, it's just the way of life right now.

So glad your candle business is doing well.

Praying for Chelsea. Such an experience she will never forget, and I know it will strengthen her own faith.

And to you- CONGRATULATIONS! Losing 20 pounds is a huge accomplishment. I'm so proud of you for taking charge of your health.

Vee said...

I'm still here! Glad that you pop in from time to time...You're not GONE gone as so many are. I don't count any more...too stressful.

Glad that the decision has been made about the candles. Now the next steps will make themselves known. Chelsea's work sounds very profitable for The Kingdom and very challenging.

Yay for weight loss and good choices and knowledge! Well done and keep up the good work.

Praying for Jonathan that the least amount to be done will work.

Have a good week down there in freezing PA!

Karen said...

I'm so glad you are seeing improvement in your health-lack of pain and weight loss are both great by themselves, but even better together!

Two weeks without talking to your girl must have felt like forever! Good to hear that they cover the kids out witnessing with prayers the whole time. Sounds like a perfect plan.

Praying Jonathan will get relief from the shot and not have to face surgery for his back. It's nice to know surgery is there to help, but praying he gets by without it.

Keep us posted on the candle business. I love hearing that it continues to grow-you make such nice candles. I was glad I still had several when we lost power last weekend. They smell so good, it makes being without power a much more enjoyable experience. ;-)