Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pets and Updates

Someone likes the new sofa and pillows.
I gave up on keeping her off....
her determination is

Last evening I heard snoring and looked for the source.
It was the tortoise cat, Tidbit.
I thought they were simply adorable all snuggled up together.

Oliver's Close up.
A bit dirty but still pretty handsome.

Things are going well here.
Mikey got to go back to work this week
for the first time since his broken collar bone.

Chelsea is back in Australia
for ten days before coming HOME!

Jonathan is still waiting to see how much
relief he will get from the injections in his spine.
I think he is moving a little bit easier but 
can't tell if he is just back to his usual after the 
flare up after the procedure or if we are 
seeing relief.

I am nearing the end of this very busy candle season.
Two groups are still selling 
and last minute Christmas orders continue 
to come in via Etsy.
But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
January will find me working harder than ever to 
design more baby shower favors 
build a very nice collection of Wedding candles
and favors.

We purchased tile, a bathtub and everything we need to 
install them in the boys bathroom downstairs.
This is ultimately the first step to being able to 
remodel our bathroom upstairs in the next year or so.
Believe me when I say that it is PAST time.
The 70's blue has got to go!
My challenge will be making it current 
without making it currently dated...
if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow evening brings a double booking 
on my part.
Set up for a craft show 
our ladies tea at church.

It's ok.
I've gotten permission to show up 
fifteen minutes early for set up
and that should put me at just 15 minutes late for 
the ladies tea.
This is a Sonrise event and they never start on time....
so what this means is that I will be there just on time.
Deanna, you did not just read that!

All right...
I'm off!

Have a great day!


Vee said...

I followed every word of that!

So glad that Chelsea will be home for Christmas! Yay! Australia is in summer mode so it can't "feel" like Christmas. LOL

You are a busy gal! Two bathrooms to redo does not sound like fun. So are you going neutral to remain eternally current?

Hope that Jonathan is truly getting some relief. Glad that Mike is able to be back to work. Things are progressing! l

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh, yes I DID! Lol!


Yolanda said...

I am glad to have found your beautiful blog. I will be back