Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spider Demands Second Post Today

 I had taken Bandit out the back door for what seems like the 
hundredth time today.
As I looked up the hill something caught my eye.
It was between the trees that are on the border between us and 
our neighbors yard. 
I still don't know whose trees they are but that really 
doesn't matter at this point.

I saw a glowing, moving circle.
there appeared to be something quite large 
in the center.

I grabbed my camera and headed up the hill.
This is what I found.

So huge, so intricate.

What a very industrious spider!

There are several discarded webs that slowly increase
in size.
I'm thinking she is quite into this homemaking thing.
I wonder if she pinned any or is getting new designs
from her Pinterest Boards. 

For the record, 
I really dislike spiders.
But this one has my respect.


Elena said...

I would name her Charlotte from Charlotte's web. Reading that book to Mary gave me a softer heart for spiders :)

Vee said...

Yes, I wonder if she cooks! That's quite the huge web.

Susy said...

I'm catching up on your blog ~ ick to the spider, amazing to the Longwood flower pix, woohoo to recliners, long marriages and your birthday.

I'm exhausted! (**