Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good Sunday Morning

With the windows cracked open just a bit I can hear the birds
happily chirping in the trees.
The sun is burning away the tiniest traces of mist
and the remaining fields of corn hold on through this one last day.
Certainly the farmer won't cut them on a Sunday, 
he being of Mennonite persuasion.

They cut the field directly across the street this week.
Oddly I didn't notice immediately that the corn was missing.
What I noticed instead was that the machinery had gone through
a drain in the field.
Metal bars that protected animals and people from falling in 
are gone.  
What few do remain are very bent and serve no purpose.
I went and peeked down yesterday.
It is quite a drop.
Hoping the neighborhood children and animals steer clear.
Even Bandit had to go and have a look-see.
We all seem to have it.

In the oven this morning are Baked Oatmeal
and some egg casserole.

Most of the baked oatmeal is headed out to a friend
who is having some physical difficulties right now.
Other ladies in the church are preparing meals
which I will run to her later today.
It occurred to me that something for breakfasts 
might come in handy as well.

I saved out a small ramekin of the oatmeal mix 
to go with our egg casserole.
I'm only making that since the oven was hot anyway.
Seemed like a prudent thing to do.

Anyway, it is all smelling absolutely delicious.

In other "news"....

Warren took me to Longwood Gardens on Friday
in celebration of my birthday.

We chose to wait until the weather was cooler.
It was worth the wait.

The new header photo is of a water lily
from that visit.
There was a drizzling rain and it made the 
photo just a bit more interesting with the ripples in the pond.

Before heading out to see this year's crop of water lilies
Warren and I went through a display in the conservatory
which describes the life cycle and history of this amazing plant.

When we were finished watching the video which described the 
process of pollination we both looked at each other and said, 
"Evolution?  I don't think so!"

Our wonderful Creator thought of absolutely everything.
If you doubt that please take some time and study
Victoria, the Waterlily Queen.

And for every miracle of design in the plant kingdom
there are thousands more all around us.

"The Heavens declare the glory of God!"
Oh yes, they do!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Very nice!

I hope to get some food to the family too, when I get back!


Vee said...

You are so blessed to have Longwood Gardens nearby. It is a beautiful resource for your community. I know that you enjoy and savor the exquisite designs. Our God is beyond extravagant!