Thursday, September 26, 2013

My World Lately

If you could see me right now you would think I have nothing
in the world to do.
I'm sitting back in hubby's recliner, 
since he is at work, 
and cuddling with my pup, Bandit.
It won't be long until she gets tired of me holding her tight
and tapping the keys and she'll head to some more comfy spot.
However, for now, the desire to be close to me 
outweighs her frustrations at my distraction.

The thought that I have nothing to do could not be further
from the truth.
As you may recall the end of September is the true 
beginning of candle season around here.
Lately, however, it is kind of hard to distinguish the seasons
as there are always orders waiting.

What a blessing.

People all over the country have discovered my baby shower
favors and are ordering them in large quantities.
The order I'm currently processing is for 80 candles.
That is a lot of shower guests.
I can just imagine what that shower is going to look like.
How exciting for this couple.

I'm also regularly producing candles for Katie, Tommy 
or for their Mother's contributions to adoption auctions.

And most recently I am attempting to stock up for the 
craft shows and fundraisers which are coming up so
very quickly.

That is the quick view of my world of candles.

However, that is not my entire world.
Oh no!
There is the continued need to help my Mother in Law, 
Georgia, as she recovers from her broken leg and surgery.
Things are going very well and we are hoping that she will
regain full use of that leg in the next couple of weeks.
I have enjoyed the time we spend together and we have 
had more side splitting laughs than you can imagine.
We are also finishing up the first three seasons of 
Downton Abbey in anticipation of the fourth season 
coming in January.
As for her health, 
Once she gets the green light to use that leg full strength
 we will have many therapies to go to and 
then she will get the permission to drive once again.
That freedom will not ever be taken for granted
for her, I can assure you.
Bless her heart.
She's been at my mercy all Summer.
I've tried....but no one can do things quite like you would do it.

A huge part of my world is watching for 
opportunities to chat with my girl in the land down under.
We are so very blessed to see her doing well.
She has made many new friends, is learning so much, 
coming out of her quiet shell...somewhat...
Can you believe that she will be performing
one of her own songs with a friend this week?
Oh yes!
She wrote the lyrics and Ashlee helped with the music.

Reading her weekly blog posts which recap their week of lectures
has been a highlight.
Chelsea has been exposed to many new thoughts and ideas
and it is fun to see her process through them.
God is truly blessing her time there.

The final BIG part of my world is a change in my health.
After weeks of severe pain in my side and then 
a prolapsed bladder I had an ultrasound.
It revealed an enlarged liver and spleen.
While I am not sure that this is the cause of the pain,
my doc doesn't think so, 
it was a huge wake up call and I have made major 
changes to our diet and have lost about 13 pounds 
so far.

I am researching, taking a class, 
Real Body Revolution,
 and continuing to investigate
my options for healing the pain in my side
as well as surgery for the bladder prolapse.
My goal is to be healthier at 50 than I was at 30.
We'll see.

I know I already have more energy than I've had
in quite some time.
The ladies from church commented on it 
Sunday afternoon.
That was a boost!

We've also been making changes at our church.
Physical changes in the sanctuary since we are outgrowing 
the space as we've been using it.
Saturday found Warren and I painting there.
I had to laugh that I was painting at church when I have many
painting projects that NEED to be done around here.
But, hey, at least something was getting done....
and that impacts way more people than my little
bathroom projects would here.
Although, they must get done as well!
I have the border half torn off and there is mildew
to be cleaned from the time our ceiling fan was making 
noise but not actually working.
Then I am planning to paint the walls above the tile 
a very cheery yellow until the day comes that we can 
completely gut that room and start over.
I'm mostly looking forward to that day!

There you have a peek into my world.
It's not really that interesting but it is 
never boring either.

What is happening in your world?
I just can't get around to visit like I used to.
Sometimes I sneak a peek but don't comment.
Occasionally I even get to comment. 

Have a wonderful day!


Theresa said...

Well dear friend, I just got up and you made me tired with all you have been up to:) Take care of your sweet self! Health comes first! Have a blessed day and pain free day! HUGS!

Carol said...

You have a lot on your plate. Take care & remember to pace yourself.

Smiles & hugs,

Debby said...

PLEASE.......tell me about the pain in your side. I have had discomfort in my side for awhile. Then it went to a bad pain that radiates toward my spine (thoracic area). I have been on steroids but I still have lightening bold pains if I move quickly. I also have bladder issues. Can you tell me more about your pain.
My mother broke her leg just below the hip where she had previously had a pin put it. It was a terrible break....clear through. They put a rod from her hip down to her knee. She was 84 at the time and was driving in 5 weeks. She was amazing.
Please respond to
I think you are doing great things to be selling so many candles and helping those little ones and their adoptions.

Becky K. said...

That email didn't work for me. I'm sorry. Praying that you get answers for your pain.

Vee said...

So glad that Georgia is coming right along. You have been a great blessing to her I am sure. Yay for Chelsea having such a good experience down under. I'd love to hear her song.

And good for you, Becky. I need to do the same thing.