Thursday, September 12, 2013

Advice for a Long Marriage

I thought I would pass along a conversation
my mother had with 
a distant relation who has been married 
nearly fifty years.
This man has a chronic disease which
makes speaking difficult and therefore
the words spoken were said 
with much effort and determination.

After listening to a Pastor's sermon 
on marriage 
and the frustrations that are so minor
and yet become 
so irritating
such as squeezing the toothpaste in the 
middle and leaving the cap off...
this is what the husband said.

"She squeezes the tube 
in the middle...... and leaves the cap off."

Mom waited.

He finished.

"I got my own tube!"

How many times do we prefer to try to change 
our spouse as opposed to finding a solution 
that leaves the freedom to each others preferences?

I just loved this conversation and 
have thought about it several times this week.


Stacey said...

That's great advice and a great way of thinking. Being happily married is so worth reframing your thoughts sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs.Rabe said...



Gayla said...

How profound! Love it. Are you getting storms today? I have bought the Beth Moore Revelation bible study to begin the first day of fall. I'm doing The Inheritance again for the third or fourth time ... By her. I love the message. Hugs from MO.

Marydon Ford said...

Don't tell Harold this for pete's sake! :)

Love ya! Marydon

Lorrie Esposito said...

Love it! There's a solution to every problem. Sometimes we just make it so complicated.

Vee said...

Good, practical advice... I might have to try it!

Linda Gross said...

I wonder if that scenario would play out as an argument for a second bathroom (no need to bring up that the toilet seat was left up again LOL)

jAne said...


Theresa said...

That just put a smile on my face:) My husband and I are both retired and I bet I do things that annoy him and HE does things that annoy me! BUT... we love each other and meant it when we said "til death do us part"! We have our own tube too:) Thanks for the smile! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!