Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One Small Step....Changed Everything

We had a delightful Fourth of July.
I hope you did, as well.

My brother Allan and Bev, his wife, 
were here and we ate ourselves to contentment
on all sorts of grilled goodness and Mom's 
potato salad.

Chelsea kept at us to find a fireworks display 
so we headed up to Lititz where we came upon
a cemetery with people sitting in it.  
We decided that this would be a good place to watch
the fireworks from and joined them
among the tombstones.

It turned out to be just perfect.
The sky was clear with just enough of a breeze
 to move the smoke away in time for the next shell.

There was even an old fashioned ice cream truck that 
parked itself right beside the cemetery at the end of
the show.  
Some of our group indulged enjoyed.

Friday the 5th of July started out innocently enough.
Mom called to tell me that she, Allan, Bev and Georgia 
were going to go hiking at a local park.
Allan and Bev are members of a mushroom club 
and love to seek out edible mushrooms.
Mom and Georgia just enjoy being in God's Creation.

Around 11 am, I guess it was, the phone rang again 
and it was Mom. 
Georgia had fallen out on the trail and they were not 
able to get her out. 
Something was wrong with her knee.
It was just one moss covered rock in the
middle of the trail that did her in.

What was scary was that they had no idea where they were 
or how the emergency responders who had 
been called would find them and get to them.

Her voice broke and the tears came
which only worried me more.

We decided that it was best that I stay put until 
more was known since Georgia was conscious and we knew that 
the next step was to get her out.

Well, two fire companies showed up.
An ambulance, a medic or two
and who knows what all else.
They threw a lot at this event since they didn't know
what they were getting into either.

Thankfully, Allan had been able to walk out
and meet them.
In pretty good time they were able to bring
an ATV down the trail and pack her up.

Turns out the ambulance driver and nurse/EMT were
the parents of one of our good friends.
Small world in Southern Lancaster County!

Since the weather was HOT and HUMID the
first responders made sure everyone had plenty of
water to drink.
In fact, Mom had gone back to her car at one point
before the hike began
to get a small cooler with sodas in it
and so they had a mini ice pack which made a huge
difference in the swelling since they were able to
ice the knee before help even arrived.

Finally I got the word that Georgia and Bev were headed to the
hospital by way of ambulance and I met them there.
We found out that Georgia's leg was broken and would
require surgery.

Sadly this has changed big plans that our Moms had
for the two weeks after dropping Chelsea at
LAX on her way to Australia.
They were planning to drive through
the Rocky Mountains and up into Canada.

Bless my Mom's heart,
she will still take Chelsea out to the
West Coast to catch her 14 hour flight
to Brisbane
but then she'll just come back home.

One small step.
Such an impact.

Back to Georgia, though.
Yesterday she had some company
at her Rehab Hospital.

I took this photo of her as she
enjoyed the conversation.

Thankfully the pain is minimal.

Georgia has a lot of work ahead of her.
I'll be her driver and main caregiver.
Mom is a huge help, as well.
Makes us know we made the right decision to
move our Moms to Lancaster County.
So thankful that they were able to get houses
right on our street.

These are not easy days....
on many fronts.
But, God is Good.

I'm sorry for such a scattered post.
That's just how my brain is working
right now.


jAne said...

{{{{ hugs }}}}

Karen said...

Oh, no! Poor Georgia!

Our family will keep Georgia, and the rest of your family, in our prayers.

I'm sure all three of them are so disappointed that the trip can't go on as planned. Such a bummer!

(Blogger lost my first comment, so if this is a duplicate, feel free to delete.)

Carol Z said...

I was thinking about the trip when I was reading about Georgia's fall. My thoughts and prayers for a good recovery and for a good trip for your Mother and Chelsea to the West Coast. I broke my elbow in the winter of 1996, ten days before I was supposed to leave for Israel to visit my college roommate who was living there. I made the trip the next year, but was so disappointed at the time.

Vee said...

It's not scattered at all...very coherent. I understood every word. She sure is looking pretty and chipper that Georgia. How does she do it?! I'm sorry that there was a break and that plans changed, but sometimes Someone...ahem...has a better plan. I'm thinking that they will do that trip again another time when all will go very well indeed. Love to your mother-in-law and love to you. It's not easy to be a caregiver, but with Georgia as your "patient," I think it'll go pretty well.

Mrs.Rabe said...

She has been cheerful, which is amazing especially since she is missing out on a lot of her summer plans.

Love this photo of her!


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, I am happy to see her smiling after all of that! GOD is good and I will be praying that healing goes quickly and that the pain goes away! Have a blessed Sunday, HUGS!