Friday, July 26, 2013

Chelsea's Journey Down Under Has Begun

I do rejoice in the Lord today.

Having walked through several weeks that were beyond
hard and stressful 
I knew He never left.

When Georgia fell and broke her leg 
we wondered how this fit into the plan.

I wish I could tell you that we now know the answer.
We don't.

But I do know that strength has come from
our Heavenly Father to come as far as we have
in her healing and recovery.

It was our hope that the Rehab Hospital would hold onto
Georgia until after Chelsea was off so that I would be 
able to focus more on her and not have to leave her 
for the trip to the airport and a congregational meeting 
the next day at church.

That didn't happen.

But God did supply wonderful friends to visit with Georgia
while we were gone so that the time passed faster
and I was relieved of worry about a fall or a need that 
I wouldn't be able to meet.

This became especially important when we showed up to 
the airport in Baltimore to find that the flight Mom and Chelsea
were supposed to board had been cancelled.

After speaking with the woman at the counter
we found that they were rescheduled for a flight
six hours later.

What to do now?

Well, it was so hot and humid that we knew it had to be 
something indoors.
So we headed to White Marsh Mall.

After lunch at a nearby 
we headed to the mall proper.

No one felt like shopping but that was o.k.
It was cool and they had a Starbucks.

After some window shopping we 
enjoyed conversation, cookies and drinks
at a beautiful solid wood table in the cafe.

These stacked cups are holding Chelsea's
vaccine for Typhoid.
It needed to stay cold.
We weren't prepared for that with the delay.
Chelsea pointed out  that  the combination
of the cups made for a mixed message.

 And then they were off.

This later flight was delayed once again but only for a little 
bit and they made their connection in Chicago only to be 
stuck on the runway with 20 planes ahead of them
as soon as a storm passed by.

They had been up for 20 hours by the time they got to Seattle.
Two very tired ladies.
They got the shuttle to their hotel.
And finally got some sleep.

Chelsea wrote a post about their first day in Seattle.

Then she next wrote when she was on the plane to Australia.

We are so thankful for traveling mercies for both Mom and Chels.
Many people have played a part in making Chelsea's journey
possible.  We thank God for you.

I heard from her this morning to say that she is doing well.
She asks for prayers that she would settle in well.
It is always hard for her to make friends at first 
since she is so quiet but I know that she'll come out of this
experience with some deep and meaningful friendships.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I'm so excited for her! I hope she comes back with an accent too! ;)

Praying that she'll settle in, have an extroverted roommate, an love the experience!


Vee said...

Your mom amazes me! Chelsea amazes me! God amazes me! I enjoyed reading Chelsea's post. She has a way with words. Praying for all to go well here and there and everywhere in between.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful journey for your beautiful daughter! I hope she journals about it all! Have a blessed day and I will pray for safe travels and successful trip! HUGS!

JD/ Jill said...

Praying for your family that all goes well. And also praying that Chelsea has some of the most memorable, touching, and joyful experiences of her life.

My daughter left on a plane yesterday to go a few hours from home, and I was a bit nervous all day, but that trip seems so short next to Chelsea's