Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Annual Summer Garden and Butterfly Pics

Just two.

But amazing that I went outside and 
took them at all in this 

O.k. so I took more.....
but, these have been stressful days and 
this is all I have the patience to work with.

The good news is that Georgia 
comes home tomorrow. 

Today I brought home the wheelchair,
walker and other items she will need for 
the time being until she can put weight on the broken leg.

I am so proud of how Georgia has handled this hurdle.
It is a big one.
Summer is her favorite season.
This put a hurting on it...
Big time!
It also forced the cancellation of a very cool 
trip up through the Rockies and into Canada that 
our Moms had planned.

we all know that nothing happens 
without purpose.

And while Georgia is understandably sad and frustrated....
she is working hard to get back 
on her feet as soon as possible
and has maintained a very sweet spirit 
through it all. 

My mom has been amazing as well.
She had to cancel and rearrange all of those plans.
That had to hurt.

I'm so very thankful that in the disappointment of these changes
the silver lining is that mom will be able to go through customs
with Chelsea and walk her to her gate 
at the International Airport.
This was not in the original plans.

It blesses my Mother heart.
A lot!

While I speak of blessings 
I have to mention the dear ladies at church.
For the past few weeks 
I have been a certifiable mess
at church.
Most of the week I can keep my mind and hands 
busy and therefore keep the worries and sadness of
the upcoming separation at bay.
However, on Sundays it is all quiet 
and I have opportunity to think
about the count down.  
The words to the music always 
reach straight into my heart.
Tears flow.
Would that I were anything other than a cry-er.
My dear friends have sent cards,
prayed and checked in with me .
There is so much support and love that I am overwhelmed.

All of this seems ridiculous for a five month deal.
Kids do it all of the time.
But those are other people's kids.

This is Chelsea.
My kid.


Vee said...

More than your kid. Much, much more. There comes that point when we turn them over for real to their Real Parent. Goodness. Don't you just wish that the Lord didn't trust you so much to handle all the stuff going on right now? I mean, a mother-in-love with a broken leg and a daughter heading off on an adventure of a lifetime and a son entering the military's enough to give a gal whiplash. You're doing great and those tears only mean that the Holy Spirit is at His work. All good. All very good.

Marydon Ford said...

Oh, sweetie. You've had a month so far, for sure. This will be a wonderful experience for Chelsea, & you. It is so hard, tho. I cried for hours, maybe days, when mine left. Know that I am here for you, always ... prayers will continue to lift for each of you.

BTW that cup filled candle you shared, was gorgeous.

Big hugs,

Karen said...

Glad to hear Georgia is recovering nicely and able to be home to continue the process.

You have so much going on-I pray for you whenever I think of you because I know how much prayer I would need in were I in your place.