Monday, July 15, 2013

A Scrambled Life

God knows me so well.
He knows that given time to fret, 
I'll do so.

rather than allowing this stressed mama
time to stew
He has allowed a week that will try even 
this adrenaline lover.

As we work toward making sure that all is in order
for a five month stay for Chelsea in two different countries
there are also the added challenges of a three day business
trip for Warren, 
working to bring Georgia home from the hospital on 
Thursday after taking her to a surgeon's appointment first, 
dealing with broken vehicles, 
Entertaining friends of Chelsea's who must get 
their last good-byes in, 
a couple of candle orders...
and whatever is coming next.

Today Mom and I went to the rehab to observe
Georgia's therapy so that we can be aware of how 
much or how little help she will need.
The woman looked like an Olympic Athlete compared 
to the rest of the patients there.
I can see that staying until Monday really wouldn't work.
That was our original plan....but.....
God knows me well.

Mikey, Chelsea and two friends have just returned from a
day at Hershey Park.  
They are quite sunburned and yet very energetic.
It seems that we are about to head out to Sonic
while Warren mows as much of the lawn as he can
by the headlight on his lawn tractor.

I'm going to miss these crazy days 
at some point in the future.
So, for now I'll just soak it all in.
Siblings loving and watching out for each other,
the chaos of a very lived in house,
a path about to be worn in the back yard between 
here and Georgia's house,
Mom, Georgia and I laughing hysterically at a joke
that no one else would truly appreciate,
A husband who appreciates my efforts to 
get his clothes washed and dried in the midst
of all the madness....
and four animals that need and want my attention.

the three of us ladies got to giggling so much 
during therapy that others suggested we pull it together.
I think they were kidding.......

Its all good.

Its what makes a crazy lady like me tick.

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this guest post I wrote for the CAST Team blog
this morning.

Night Night.
I'm off to Sonic!


Gayla said...

Oh, indeed you are right to cherish the busy, hectic days... Thinking of you.

Theresa said...

Laughing can get us thru lots of trying times! Hang in there girlfriend, this too shall pass:) HUGS!