Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Candles Raising Money To Bring a Precious Child Home

It is no secret to you that there are some children
in a far away place that have my heart.

Coming to know and love two of these children
in a very personal way through the Musser Family 
has made me very aware of the depth of neglect 
children in their former orphanage are subjected to.

Seeing these same children come alive and thrive
has motivated me to do whatever I can to 
help the parents God has chosen bring the kiddos 
home as soon as possible.

even though this has been a very busy
season in our home
when Susanna called and asked if I could whip up 
some candles for her to list in the 
Auction beginning tomorrow I agreed 
without any hesitation.

As usual with me I am working up to the 
deadline but they are finally complete.

I'm not sure if all of these will be listed 
but at least some of them will.
All money raised goes to
the Huizinga Family who are 
excited to bring 
 Penny home,
if the Lord wills it.
To learn more you 


Gayla said...

What a worthy cause. I love your cuppa candles...

Carol Z said...

Rebecca, I went to the page, but didn't see a link to an August 1 auction. I love to help out.

Vee said...

That last one is so striking... You have such a loving, tender heart. Many blessings in your endeavors.

JD/ Jill said...

Your candles are lovely! I keep hoping that one of these days I can get up your way again to buy some in person.
And Yes, yesterday was awesome at Longwood with the weather just perfect while we mostly walked through the wooded areas with a slight breeze blowing.
Everytime I go down to Longwood, I keep hoping to run into you, Warren, and Chelsea again. I so enjoyed the last time we were there when you were there too. A very special day!

Theresa said...

So beautiful and what a wonderful fundraiser! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Susanna said...