Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Our Sunday ....I Know It Is Wednesday....Just Can't Keep Up!

Sometimes we pack our days so full that we
 amaze even ourselves.

Sunday was one of those days.

We began as usual with church 
and all that goes with that.
Music Prep, Coffee Making, Worship, 
just to name a few things.
I had done the bulletins on Saturday so 
that saved me some stress on Sunday morning.

It was a wonderful service
and Pastor Mike preached an amazingly
relevant sermon.
Tears ran down my face during the whole sermon
as I sat amazed at the consistency of God's message in 
my life.
Trust me when I tell you that I am not handling my kiddos 
leaving very well.
My body is stressed and acting out, 
my eyes are quick to
And while my mind tells me that God really has them
and I can relax my Mom instinct keeps 
screaming that I am just not ready for this.
So, when for the millionth time this week God
told me that I can trust Him
I just couldn't stop crying.

I know everyone is worried about me.
I even got a card in the mail from a very concerned
and loving friend.
But it is going to be o.k. 

Even if the very worst happens
I trust our Heavenly Father.....
but I'll continue to cry.

It is just the way I roll.

So anyway....
after the service we ran out to grab some lunch and then
headed up to Reading (an hour from our home) where one of the families in our 
church was hosting everyone for the afternoon and evening.
Problem was that Warren and I had to be in Lebanon
which was an hour from our friends house at 5 pm.
We got to spend just over 30 minutes with the folks 
from church before he and I headed out leaving Chelsea
and Jonathan to come home with Pastor Mike.

We drove our next hour to Lebanon where we were
part of a surprise birthday party for one of Warren's oldest friends.
He turned 60!
How does this happen?
We have a friend who is entering his 60's?
Told you we grew up.

Actually these guys used to do sound and video gigs together.
There were even times after we were married that we all 
"worked" together at Creation Festival.
My part was carrying the cords of the video camera.
This allowed me to be on stage with Warren as he shot video for 
the big screen.
Loved that, don't you know!

I could name drop.....
I have in the past.....
but I won't tonight.

You would think that church, time in Reading and a surprise birthday
party would make for a full day, right?
Well it did but we weren't done yet.

At 7 pm our moms joined us for a Booth Brothers concert 
right there at the park in Lebanon.

Michael Booth

Jim Brady

Ronnie Booth

Yep....I've been immersed in Southern Gospel Music lately.
Personally I think it is a gift.

It was a casual outdoor concert.
The guys did a lot of singing 
and a little bit of 

just before dark the concert was over 
and we headed the next hour home.

It was nearly a perfect day.
I'm so thankful!

Monday morning
found us at the oral surgeon having
Michael's wisdom teeth out.
He is perfectly miserable and I have been 
doing my best to take care of him.

He is scheduled to sign his papers 
for the Army on Tuesday.

Monday evening
Warren and Chelsea went to a father daughter
ice cream social at church.
They had a lot of fun.
It was a 50's theme.
Deanna blogged about it

I guess you can gather that it is not boring here.
Not even a little bit.

We've been following the progress of our 
friends, the Mussers, as they are in Europe 
picking up their newest son, Tommy.
Very soon, Lord Willing, he will be right here 
in Lancaster County with us.
Can't wait!
The pictures and videos of him are just too wonderful.
He remembered Susanna and was delighted to see her again.

Oh my.
I've chatted up a storm.
If you are still here.....

Chelsea and her friend, Sarah are headed our way 
and hope to bake something so I've got to go 
put some candle making supplies away so they can 
actually get that accomplished.

Talk to you later.
Stay safe in all of this crazy weather and wildfires.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Love a nice chatty post!

Praying for you friend!


Vee said...

Yes! Reading right through to the end. We old mamas (harummmphhh) will pray you through this season. You can't get to the really good stuff without going through this time. You know, like new kids: I see at least three more kids and then grandkids and oh my, you get my drift. Of course, you're much too young to be a grandmother...yet.

Booth brothers? Don't know them...will look them up!

Vee said...

Ackkk...I've got to stop doing these searches...Stephen Hill is gone? Gone to Glory ten months ago? What a loss to the Gospel music community. Okay, I'm going to try not to wail through my day.

The Booth Brothers have a wonderful sound.