Saturday, June 15, 2013

Long's Park on A Beautiful Evening

On a perfect evening this week we found ourselves
at Long's Park in Lancaster.

On the edge of the city
the beauty is indisputable.

Of course, 
with this many geese and ducks
discretion in foot placement is kind of essential.

We are also on a quest for a new photo 
of Chelsea for our hallway.
Currently the photo in that frame is from 
the Cruise with a Cause a few years ago.
That being the trip that got this whole 
YWAM thing started.
Visiting the orphanages and schools made 
Chelsea long to do another mission trip....

 but this time
one where she could communicate in English
with those that she was working with.

This poor mama duck got all of our sympathy 
when after getting all of her ducklings settled for the night
was attacked by a bully duck.

He and his entourage of two swam up and he coldly
came stepping all over and through the babies 
in an effort to get to this particular duck.
He chased her, grabbed her and was all out nasty
as we looked on in shock.
Even the geese in the area seemed at a bit of a loss 
as to how to respond.
Even in her distress this mama seemed to give her babies 
instruction as they took to the water 
and as soon as she could break free
she joined them.

Off they went to another nesting site for the night.
While the bully and his followers patrolled the shore.
I was sooooo mad at them.
It really took me to another place and time.

I could just picture those creeps at school who
sought out a particular person and made their lives
so miserable.

There was a girl in our middle school who was very 
obviously from a less than desirable home situation.
I never got to know this girl because of my own 
fears and probably prejudice....if I'm being honest.
However, I was so disturbed to hear other 
girls in the locker room 
putting her down and commenting on her 
personal hygeine
in a way that had to, just had to, hurt her feelings.
It made an impression on me.
I was too shy and afraid of those bullies
myself to stand up to them.
I had experienced their disdain myself
for being different.
My conservative wardrobe wasn't exactly popular
in those circles.
While I am not proud that I didn't stand up for 
that fellow student it has caused 
me to be more sensitive and quicker to reach out to
others ever since.

These three ducks made me flash right back to those situations.
To those bullies.

And I had it easy in the scheme of things.
I really feel for those who are alone and despised 
in the world.

 Anyway, back to the park.....
There were so many geese.

Chelsea was going to sneak up on Warren but
he knew she was there....

I think she just got interested in what he was capturing on his phone.

Making memories that will last 
for years to come.

The weather was just perfect.
And with a final "Ta-da" 
we were off!


Stacey said...

How sweet. You captured some beautiful pictures of Chelsea and the area. I love the way you shared your thoughts.

Doris said...

Beautiful photos!(heart-tugging story to go with them as well) We have many family memories made in that park. The best, our more than 20 years taking lots of food and stuff into the park for the fireworks and patriotic concert. Our Greta and her love, Lynn, had their engagement pictures taken there, too.
Blessings to you today!

Vee said...

Oh I felt like beaning a duck after that story! Chelsea is so cute and wonderfully photogenic. I think it's going to be a hallway collage.

Linda Gross said...

Not a nice memory those mean ducks brought back to you; however, it was a memory to learn from. Nice pictures of Chelsea and the park setting.

Melissa Gill said...

Beautiful pictures of your daughter.

Elena said...

I loved all the pics. Your daughter is beautiful!!