Monday, June 24, 2013

Mystery at Hospitality Lane

Oh Boy!
If I hadn't taken these photos this morning 
I wouldn't have any proof 
that there is a flower thief in our neighborhood.

You see, 
I had made this flower bed white and red
until this random yellow daisy-type flower
popped up.
It kind of stood out in the neighborhood.
In a good way.
What a colorful and pretty flower.

Just look how happy and optimistic it is.
Pretty flower.

And now it is gone!
I came home, looked out the window and realized that 
it is more!


I suspect the neighbor boys who come through 
our yard to catch the bus to Summer School.

So, I'm thinking that perhaps this little flower 
lives on as a bit of sunshine for a teacher.

Or, maybe it was snatched on the way home
and their mother's eyes teared up 
with their thoughtfulness.

Who could blame them, really?
This flower grabbed your attention.
Standing there randomly
so yellow in a sea of white.

Oh well.
I love this flower bed still.
Now so coordinated in red and white.

I'll need to get some mulch down soon
or I'll dislike this flower bed as all the weeds
return too quickly.

 The hydrangea is so lacy and delicate.

This is one mystery I have no intention of solving.

Someone obviously was either bothered by this intrusive posey 
or needed it much more than I.


Vee said...

No? I'm thinking it might be rather important to solve especially if anymore posies go missing. Little boys should be taught how to ask politely for what they want being prepared to hear no or to keep their mitts off. I have two little boys who hear "no" from time to time.

Mrs.Rabe said...

That's funny!

I have gooseneck loosestrife too - it's invasive but pretty!

Your hydrangea is gorgeous! Love it in white!


Marydon said...

Vee is right, Becky. Love the flower tho. How sweet your share of Tommy 'coming home'. What an infectious smile & twinkle of the eye.

Big hugs,

Linda Gross said...

That orange flower was waving in the wind saying "pick me"! I hope no other flowers come up missing.

sammysgrammy said...

I love those lacey hydrangeas - keep your eye on the loose strife and divide violently.