Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Guest Blogging at The Blessing of Verity

Today is the day to find the Katie Candle 
launched at Susanna's blog.

I just love this photo of Katie and hope that 
these candles find their way into many homes
to inspire through her story and as prayer reminders.

This is also the day that Chelsea gets or
finds out where to get her vaccinations for 
Australia and Thailand.

From there we are off to take a friend to 
an appointment
and then I must pick up more candle making 
supplies from my local supplier.

All of this makes me tired already.
But its all good.

Monday was supposed to be the day that 
both Michael and Chelsea were relieved of their 
wisdom teeth. 
However, now it will just be Michael.
We will wait on Chelsea's until she returns.
Money and possible complications 
have changed our minds
on that front.

Hope you are all well.
I saw this morning that our friend, 
Theresa, has a prayer need.
Her daughter has a shattered elbow from
a dog walking accident.
If you'd please pray that surgery would go well
for her today I know Theresa would 
really appreciate it.

Also, if you would pray for a friend
named Amy.
She is going through some very hard things
right now and the "tunnel" seems 
very long ahead of her.
God knows and your prayers will surely 
make a difference!

Alright...I must be off!
With the sounds of Mikey teasing Chelsea 
in the background it is a good time 
in our home right now.

Too soon it will be very quiet.
I need to think of happy things about that time.
Praising God for what He is doing in 
all of our lives through this process.

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