Friday, June 21, 2013

A Perfect June Day at Longwood Gardens

Yesterday Mom, Georgia and I 
headed out early to 
Longwood Gardens.

I'm so thankful that the weather 
was so lovely for this particular day.

Once inside the gardens we split up.
I wanted to feel free to stop and snap 
photos for as long as I might want to.

Georgia had a particular part of the gardens
she was looking forward to visiting
and Mom loves to 
sit and enjoy various parts of the garden
so it worked out quite well.

Most of the roses are currently either just past peak 
or rain tattered.
these peach roses were amazing!

I was fascinated at the contrast of the succulents
against the rose arbors.


I just loved these yellow roses.
So cheerful...
they make me think of Amy, 
my friend who hails from Texas.
In fact as I snapped this 
the song, "Yellow Rose of Texas"  was 
running through my head.

I have more photos from our day there.
I'll share them later.
Chelsea and I get to spend our morning together
so I must go prepare for that.

Have a super day!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful! I love Longwood!


Vee said...

Glorious photos!

Our family does the splitting up bit sometimes, too. The only thing is...some of us are NOT careful about where to meet and at what time. This slays me because I am a stickler.

jAne said...

i look forward to the time when i can visit - and see Longwood Gardens. :) beautiful pictures.

Carol Z said...

One of my favorite places. One of my grandmother's favorite songs wa "Yellow Rose of Texas," so I am always happy to see a reminder of it.

Handiworkin' Girls said...

Now those are some beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing. :)

Linda Gross said...

You captured stunning pictures during your visit to Longwood Gardens. I hope I make it back there sometime!